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Ancient History:

While it is well known that sorcery has generally displaced rune magic among the Chaos Dwarfs, it has also been said that their sorcery grew directly from their runelore. Imagine how fun it would be if the Dawi’Zharr retained a fraction of Dwarf runelore, albeit twisted and perverted to their own ends.

Chaos Dwarf Runes follow the regular rules for Dwarf Runes, including the Rule of Three (no more than three runes on an item), the Rule of Form (runes of a certain type may only be placed on items of that type), the Rule of Pride (no two items in an army may bear the same combination of runes). None of the runes described below are Master Runes, but if they were then the Jealous Runes (no more than one Master Rune per item) would apply; it is assumed the Chaos Dwarfs lost the lore of these most ancient and potent runes.

Weapon Runes

These runes may only be inscribed on weapons; the original bonuses or penalties for the weapon no longer apply. Attacks made with weapons inscribed with a Chaos Dwarf Rune count as magical.

Rune of Hate (25 Points)

Chaos Dwarf smiths chant litanies of hatred while forging their weapons, inscribing black runes of vengeance and maladiction into their greatest weapons.[/i]

Nominate one race (Elf, Dwarf, Man, Horse, Dragon, etc.) at the beginning of battle; the wielder of this weapon Hates[/i] all models of that race for the remainder of the battle.

Rune of Treachery (25 Points)

The Chaos Dwarf rune for Treachery is the same used to represent the Sneaky Gits.[/i]

The wielder of this weapon always counts as Flanking the target when making attacks. As an exception to the rule that characters can only have one magic weapon, a Hobgoblin Hero may have two handweapons with Runes of Treachery, and thus two attacks.

In addition to these runes, the Chaos Dwarfs retain knowledge of the Rune of Fire.

Armour Runes

Armour runes are engraved on armour or shields; any Chaos Dwarf character who has armour or shields may upgrade them with Armour Runes. The maximum armour save that can be reached by combining runes, or runes and normal equipment, is 1+.

Rune of Black Iron (20 Points)

The Chaos Dwarfs trust in nothing save Hashut and the strength of black iron, for neither has ever failed them.[/i]

This rune confers a 5+ Ward save to the wearer. This rune cannot be taken multiple times to improve the Ward save, nor will any other magical item improve it.

Rune of Obsidian (35 Points)

It is said that the Temple of Hashut is built of obsidian because nothing else could contain and channel the vast power of the dark magic within. The priests of Hashut have made long study of obsidian’s antimagical properties, and can manipulate it to their own needs.[/i]

The abilities of magical weapons are negated while the models bearing them are in base contact with the character wearing this armour; this also applies to any magic weapons wielded by the character themself.

In addition to these runes, the Chaos Dwarfs retain knowledge of the Rune of Stone.

Standard Runes

These runes may only be applied to standards, including Battle Standards.

Rune of Black Powder (25 Points)

Within the Priesthood of Hashut are many sects and brotherhoods, remnants of the ancient Guilds, each with their own esoteric and carefully-hoarded lore. The Gunsmiths of Hashut are reknowned for crafting the finest blunderbusses in all of the Dark Lands.[/i]

All blunderbusses in this unit may re-roll hits when shooting.

Rune of Hashut (35 Points)

In times of dire need, the acolytes of the temple of Hashut march forth with sacred banners bearing the mark of the Father of Darkness himself.[/i]

The unit gains Magic Resistance (1).

Rune of Zharr (50 Points)

Said to be crafted by the first of the High Sorcerer-Priests of Hashut, the Banner of Zharr has never been captured in battle.[/i]

All attacks made by this unit are Flaming.

Engineering Runes

The runes may only be inscribed on war machines.

Rune of Blooding (15 Points)

Chaos Dwarfs believe in sanctifying each cannon and engine of destruction with a ritual blooding, testing the device against living targets, sometimes massacring an entire tribe or caravan. Such weapons are marked with a rune signifying their worth in the heat of battle[/i]

The crew of this war machine are Stubborn.

Rune of Sacrifice (20 Points)

The war machine crews are acolytes of the Sorcerer-Engineers, the disciples of the Cult of Hashut. Many of their machines are blessed as altars for the Father of Darkness, and the crews taught the ritual sacrifices and prayers that will ensure the destruction of their enemies.[/i]

The player may sacrifice one model of the war machine’s crew (remove from play; this will not cause a Break Test) to re-roll Artillery dice when they roll a Misfire. Multiples of this rune allow you to sacrifice additional crew members; for example if you took two Runes of Sacrifice, you could sacrifice one crew member to re-roll a Misfire, and if you disliked the roll you could sacrifice another crew member to re-roll it again. You are bound by the final roll.

In addition to these runes, the Chaos Dwarfs retain knowledge of the Rune of Burning.

Talismanic Runes

Talismanic runes are inscribed on amulets, hats, rings, beard charms, and other ornamental items. Each character is assumed to have a relevant item in their possession.

Rune of Daemon Binding (25 Points)

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer or Sorcerer Lord only, One Use Only

This ancient rune is said to date back to the forgotten origins of the Chaos Dwarfs, when their Sorcerers first broke with the Runesmiths.[/i]

Target one Daemon in play, it must make a Leadership Test. If it fails, remove it from the field. If the wielder of this talisman dies; the Daemon is returned to play at that character’s exact location with the same number of Wounds it had before.

Rune of Slavery (20 Points)

Characters with Mounts Only

Spiked collars of brass and black iron are sometimes fastened to the necks of recalcitrant beasts, enslaving them more firmly to their master’s will. Such creatures have been known to bear their fallen riders into battle, driven by their last command.[/i]

If the character dies, their mount continues to use their Leadership value for all tests for the remainder of the game.

Spell Rune (50 Points)

Bound Spell, One Use Only

Only the Chaos Dwarfs could combine Sorcery and Runesmithing in this way, binding the power of their spells into potent runes to be unleashed later.[/i]

Pick one spell from the Lore of Death, Lore of Fire, Lore of Metal, or Lore of Shadow; this item is a Bound Spell of that type with a Power Level of 5.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looks good. Some changes (mostly points costs) are:

These runes cannot affect magic items.

Rune of Hate: 30 points

Rune of Treachery: 20 points or 25points for the second weapon (if two are used, no other runes can be placed on the weapons)

Rune of Black Iron: 25 or 30 points

Rune of Obsidian: 40 or 45 points

Rune of Stone: Maybe 10 points instead of 5? Just to show the difference between them and us

Rune of Black Powder: 65 points. With BBs hitting on 4+ anyway and hitting EVERY unit under the template, it’ll be overpowered to re-roll them for an extra 25 points unless it’s on their first shot of the game

Rune of Hashut: Looks fine.

Rune of Zharr: 10 or 15 points. 50 is too much for flaming attacks. Not much is flammable. If you include them counting as magical, it should be 20 points

Rune of Blooding: Looks okay to me

Rune of Sacrifice: You can’t re-roll more than once. Maybe one use only, so that multiples mean they can do it on a different turn

Rune of Daemon Binding: 30 points. Considered suggesting some sort of competition between the daemon in question and the sorcerer, but it’d be annoying to word and read correctly

Rune of Slavery: 15 points, but great idea

Spell Rune: Maybe they choose the lore, but have to roll for the spell and it’s power level is equivalent to the number rolled on the D6 (Fireball = Power Level 1)


Rune of Hate - I�?Td make this 30 points.

Rune of Treachery �?" Why not +1 Combat Resolution(25 points).  Two Runes of Treachery can be taken, giving +2 CR.

Rune of Fire �?" need to rename and state effect.

Rune of Black Iron �?" I�?Td make this 45 points and 4+ ward save

Rune of Obsidian �?" I�?Td make this 40 points.

Rune of Stone �?" need to rename and state effect.

Rune of Black Powder �?" Depends on your rules for BB, but as is I�?Td say 55 (given the short range of the guns).

Rune of Hashut �?" Should be 15 points.

Rune of Zharr �?" I�?Td make this 20 points

Rune of Blooding  - Ok

Rune of Sacrifice �?" Unless you plan on adding a chaingang or something similar I think this is a pointless rune.  You want your crew to stay alive?!?

Rune of Burning �?" need to rename and state effect.

Rune of Daemon Binding �?" A little too complicated and overpowered, Greater Daemons would be easy to kill.  Need to rethink this one.

Rune of Slavery �?" I�?Td make this 10 points

Spell Rune (50 Points) �?" I�?Td stick to the Lore of Hashut (if you�?Tve written one)

Overall you probably need at least double this amount (if not triple) if you want to go down the route of runes.


It is a good start.

I would like to see more runes Ancient History.

Brainstorm up some more!

Hashut’s Blessing:

GSF: I think it’s in addition to normal magic items. Oxymoron if there was one…