[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Sculpt (update 30/08)


Well since GW isn’t going to make anything for us anytime soon, I decided to make some warriors of my own.

I scratch built this one from magic sculpt (before anyone asks :slight_smile: ), I’ll make some more bodies and seperate arms for hand weapons, shields, great weapons, blunderbusses,… so I can have some more variation.

I’ll be casting them up in resin so I’ll have an army sooner then having to convert all the models :cheers

Well let me know what you guys think of him.



Wow, very nice sculpt!

It’s unique enough to not get caught with any Copyright issues, and looks awesome. I bet plastic Miner arms would fit in that sculpt too!

Well done, I look forward to seeing some molds and casts!


If you want to make any cash, I’m sure there are more than a few people wanting to have copies themselves.


If you want to make any cash, I'm sure there are more than a few people wanting to have copies themselves.
Myself being the first (at least, once I've seen the finished model). I'd buy a unit for sure!

Very nice work, look foward to seeing more from you!


I might be interested in some of those as well.


MWAHAHAHAHAA, i will steal so much of your ideas! :mask

hm, i thougt to make some own CDs, too, but i’m too lazy tio make these molds :slight_smile:

by the way… this guy rulez! ^^


I liked your conversions, but I think this is even better. Way better in fact. Continue sculpting these please!



just a thought, if you made the bodies without heads and cast that, then you could make about 5 different heads onto the casts, and then start casting those. Save starting from scratch for each new one. I love the effect you have with your scale mail.

Hashut’s Blessing:

This is one of the cleanest sulpted models that I have EVER seen. I’ve seen a few, believe me. You could probably go pro. And, like people have said, if you’re casting, make sure to sell some :wink:


I did spent more time on this one than on all the other dwarfs together so I’m glad you all like him :cheers . Once I made a few more and the casts work out fine I might start selling them but that will be a while so bear with me.

I wanted to dryfit the arms yesterday and accidently dropped him which cost him his eyebrow :frowning: so I’ll have to fix that.

I thought about making seperate heads but it would be too big of a fuss to make it work, I’ll first see how this one turns out.

The rest of him is almost finished now, but I’ll be off for a couple of days so updates will follow in the weekend or so.

I’ll try and do a tutorial on the scales when I pull off the next one as I use a lot of tools and it would be a pain to explain it all in words.

Thanks Hashut’s Blessing, but I think I’ll wait with that pro stuff till after my studies, then who knows… It would be a cool summer job though :hat off



If you need help setting up a site for taking orders, or whatever, don’t hesitate to ask me. :slight_smile:


looks like mr kobarf is on to a winner here!

The captain:

Very nice. You planing to make anymore bodies or will this be the only one?


Kobarf! you’re my hero!! I’ll take 10… lol


and you will send me some for free, because… ehm… yeah! :hat off

i like gifts :cheers


So do we all Snotling! Really impressive my friend. I wish I could get that diamond shaped scale mail to work, but I can only do the way Xander showed in his videos (hint…tutorial…hint…).


Hehe I’m not even selling them yet and I already have to give them away :wink:

Thanks for the comments everyone, he’s finished know.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves (note that he hangs together with unmixed putty at the moment so every part looks like it is about to fall off��:| )

First all the different parts:

I put a skinned face on his shield as people seemed to like on my other CD.

Stuck together:

Ranked up:

And another one in the making, he’s still naked now though��:lol: :

Well enjoy.

Glad you want to be of assistance Xander and if I need some help you’ll be the first to hear it :cheers


Traitor King:

Make two lil’ eye holes in the new WIP!

The other model - I love it. Just imagine how great a whole unit will look!


We are definitely in need of photos of your scultpting process for your new mini!

And of course,your finished model just looks superb.


whoa!! absolutely beautiful! I would love to see the steps that you use to create this second mini. Superb work!

On the back of the 1st mini, did you sculpt a hand onto the back of the shield?