[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Sculpt (WIP)


Chaos dwarf sculpt im doing for a friend… I was asked to put it here for Your Critiques…

The shield and sword are just place holders… He will be wielding a Large rifle…

earlier WIP shot with an Ogre for size comparison…

black hammer:

It looks nice! The face looks especially good!:cheers


Can we get close up of the beard? it looks kinda strange at this distance… maybe just the angle.

Other than that, it’s looking very great!


Great work, little small i think but really great gs work :slight_smile:


Great sculpt! :hat off

The head seems a bit too small, more like a human sized one!

Apart from that aspect … very, very cool dude!



Loving it!

I now want to be your friend… :smiley:


Great sculpt! :hat off

The head seems a bit too small, more like a human sized one!

Apart from that aspect ... very, very cool dude!


yeha i see that, but it might be our twisted view of big hats? ;p


Looking good, small but good. How tall is he??

And then I think we could all use such a friend :wink:


Thanks Guys!

Hes 3/4 of an inch((19.05mm)) tall… So kinda average for a Dwarf really…

But Ill give you He is pretty Narrow compared to the Dwarfs in the GW Line…

Heres a Skull pass Dwarf for Scale…

and His beard is a bit rough… I nicked right above the ring with my Blade while I was sculpting the center Braid… Normally I would rip it off and start over, but its not a profit sculpt, its for a friend so Im just squinting a little and ignoring it…


Yours is looking great! Much better than the GW crap!


I like that sculpt, your friend is lucky to get this! I can’t really critique it at all, I couldn’t manage something like this! The only worry I had was he looked a little static, but if he is going to have a rifle he’s got to be steady hasn’t he? I will wait on the finished product with anticipation

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Very nice sculpt, a well-done pose and full of character. Goes nicely with the new marauder shield. It could do with a little more evilness, though. :wink:


Thanks Guys!

Sorry to say, but Ive already sent this off a few days ago… Ill try to get painted pics of it the next time I see him…

Im working on a Dwarf slayer and a few other odd sculpts right now…

Thanks for all your Input.


Cool slayer, Kera is going to want this model i think :slight_smile:


Not bad at all I’d say you have the scale right on. I’d like to she more close up shots so we can look at the detail.


Tell me (oh I love the models by the way) how much does that friend pay you for it? and what is he goint to do with it?

Kera foehunter:

Do you need to ask me about a pirate slayer

HE A GOD !!! love the gold nipple rings now that hot !!

I also like the non heavy armored cd with the long gun


Looking good, dig all the detailing. :wink: