[Archive] Chaos dwarf shields?


Im looking for ideas for appropriate Chaos Dwarf shields.

Ones that are readily available, easy to get.

Any suggestions?


your best bet is Marauder Shields, either that or file away the icons on regular dwarf shields…

Gar Shadowfame:

GW actually sells individual shield sprues, with marauder shieds avaiable

Da Crusha:

I always thought 7th ed skeleton shields look really good for hobgoblins, since they look very old and damaged. I have equipped a few of my own with them.


I looked at bits on Warstore & really like the maruader horseman shields.

Pyro Stick:

I looked at bits on Warstore & really like the maruader horseman shields.

I used a mixture of marauder and new vampire counts shields on my 3rd edition models. I use chaos knight shields for my bull centaurs.


I find the normal dwarf shields usable as well, nothing wrong with anvils for Chaos Dwarfs.

BTW Scibor has just released his version of Evil Dwarf shields:



Nice stuff, but I dont think I can afford the shipping from Italy & exchange rate. Especially needing 100 shields.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sand off the Good Dwarf logos and replace them with the skull icons on the Skeleton shields from GW. Then paint the lightning bolt on the skull’s head, just like the old CD logo.

The Brain:

If you need plane round shields you can still by the old dwarf shields that have 4 different icon options. I like to use the goblin shileds with some slight alterations.


I like the Marauder Shields best. But you can also take the emblem off of a regular Dwarf shield using a file, then paint your own pattern on it.


for some of my Hobbos I made shields out of plasticard. I like them flat. they are just plates with some rivets and you can make all variants you want, squares, kite shapes, whatever, maybe add some emblems or different types of rivets. These shields are cheap, you won’t found much cheaper ways ^^


Some of the new skeleton plastic shields are pretty great and might look good for CDs, a nice combo of archaic and dilapidated. Only problem is that they are an embedded element of the skeleton sprue, rather than on other own…



you could also sculpt and cast some of your own, though the marauder shields are a good way to go, or the dwarf shields without the icons, or the skeleton plastic ones.