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What are the Possative and Negative aspects of having your general be a Sorcerer instead of a warrior (sorcerer lord vs Lord).

Also why is it that in some lists I see, They have a CD hero as thier general in a 2000 pts list.

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Probably would have been better to address this in the Tactics or Army List subforums.

I’d like to say something deep in meaningful about why you’d take a Sorcerer Lord instead a Chaos Dwarf Lord or Bull Centaur Lord, but it all comes down to how you play. Magic-heavy armies will obviously prefer the Sorcerer Lord; heck, even non-magic heavy armies that just want one big Sorcerer and a couple Heroes might be so inclined. If your personal play style is to protect the general, a Sorcerer Lord would definitely suit you better than a Chaos Dwarf Lord - the latter isn’t very valuable if he doesn’t see combat!

Re: Chaos Dwarf Hero Generals in 2,000 point armies

Can really come down to cost. A bare-bones Chaos Dwarf Lord costs twice as much as a Chaos Dwarf Hero - for that amount of points you could field an entire rank of Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses, or thirty naked Hobgoblins, or another Chaos Dwarf Hero! In small battles especially, having two Ld 10 characters on the board is better than one.


The Ld 10 of a hero is the main reason he is taken. Not that it is that much worse than Ld9 anyway. A Lord may be better in combat, but is just as easy to be avoided with that M3 so will usually be a waste of points.


Ah ok, good information.


I really like using a sorcerer lord in a 2000 point army. Had my fist couple of games with my Chaos dwarfs a bit ago (went magic heavy just to get me the points). The second battle i had (against high elves) resulted in my sorcerer lord killing three out of five dragon knights.

Back on topic, i think a sorcerer lord is a good choice to have, theres not many wizards out there that have thoughness five and a leadership 10. Havent tried out a lord yet so i cant give a complete answer, hopefully gonna be trying one out soon mounted on a great taurus :smiley:


I’ve used a Sorceror Lord on a Lammasu and he works quite well on the flank in support of Bull Centaurs and Wolf Riders.

Personally, I wouldn’t use a Sorceror Lord in a game under 3k. Even without the Lammasu they’re still damned expensive.


it realy boils down like this

we all like getting value for points, and the best value LD10 is in a CD hero as a general, this leaves us a lord slot free, which we can fill with a lord that will probably never see combat unless we arm him with a taurus, at which point he becomes expencive, while a sorcerer is always usefull thanks to ranged abilities

and it’s flufy, our race isruled by sorcerers, they should be led by them too


I’m ok with the idea but you’ll have to hang back with him lest he gets into combat…


CD Sorcerer Lord kicks ass!

With a T5, the black gem, in a unit. He is very hard for the opponent to kill.

Moreover, other armies have to choose between High Magic or High Leadership : Sorcerers have both of them!


No I one is saying they aren’t cool, rather it’s a question of what style to you want to play.


Every one of my local opponents fields heavy sorceror armies. In fact they all ditched their old armies to jump into the Vampire Counts, Deamon, Dark Elf and High Elf armies. There is so much magic flying around, I find that Chaos Dwarves just can’t handle it.

What combos am I missing out on?


You just need to try and bear through the magic phase.

I’ve played some heavy HE and VC lists and unless you go all out magic wise you can barly slow it down (seriously my last battle with VC I spent 3 dispell scrolls and 4 DD just to stop the vampire lord from vanhelling his skeletons into me and I still failed). Its sick how many PD they can get and how many +1 to casting roll items they have.

Though the good thing with CD is we are a pretty hordy army so we can take some magic abuse and still fight back.


Wiz has given the best advice perhaps. The CD lists is now starting to really show its age with the lack of special rules. Grab as many dispel scrolls as you can and try and weather the storm you know is coming.


hmmm i agrees but a choas dwarf lord on a taurus is almost unstoppable! except for magic warmachines ect.