[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers of Pan Tang?

Ancient History:

I was re-reading the Elric Saga lately when the similarity of the sorcery-ridden nation of Pan Tang to the Chaos Dwarfs struck me. Here is a slave-holding nation ruled by sorcerers, devoted to Chaos, that takes to the seas to raid the other nations with impunity, enslaves daemons and other monsters. Plus, the capital city Hwamgaarl is the City of Screaming Statues, so-called for the petrified remains of Pan Tangian sorcerers.

I’m not saying Pan Tang was at all the inspiration for the Chaos Dwarfs, but it’s fun to note the similarities considering Moorcock is where Games Workshop got the concept of Chaos from in the first place.


I remember reading moorcock when getting into D&D as will have the writers of all GW’s early games.So much of the early fluff in alot of game systems was plundered from his writings ,the Eternal champion is an enduring archetype that stands the test of time.

If you are interested in Moorcock this site is quite good :hathttp://www.multiverse.org/fora/


Of course, Moorcock got Law and Chaos from Poul Anderson, but who is keeping score?


The ancient greeks? Who did they steal it off…?

It also bears a semblence to the Chaos Magick religion, which appeared at roughly the same time as the Moorcock books.