[Archive] Chaos Dwarf spotted in "What's New Today"

Thommy H:

What’s he doing leading those Gnoblars?!



I’m sure the chaos dwarfs would enslave gnoblars as well…


Yes they would! thats why the gnoblars registred as slaves of the ogres in the first place ( ogre armybook ), to escape the chaos dwarves that hunted them. But what is he doing in an ogre army?!

Thommy H:

They certainly do enslave Gnoblars. I guess he just threw it in as an unusual unit champion. I thought it was pretty cool.


Good eye Thommy H!!

I guess we Chaos Dwarfs have been expanding our trade relationships with the usual suspects to now include trading of troops :wink:



“Where there’s a whip there’s a way!”


I think we’re officially the “Easter Eggs” of Warhammer.


Lol, probably we are! I must say it has its charm though, us fanboys dissecting every shred of fluff and info that GW produces/releases! ^^


I think that Games Workshop do that for laugh at us, I think that for them that’s a great joke for us.

Thommy H:

It’s not even a GW guy’s army, by the way.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Interesting “nod” at us!


Why else post an army of ogres and gnoblars with a CD unit champ on a GW page, if there’s not an army book coming out? Its another hint, if you ask me.


Could be, and probably is just a big coincidence, The guy who’s army got featured probably just added the model to make an interesting feature. My guess is that we musn’t look to big into this and get our hopes up to high.