[Archive] Chaos Dwarf T-Shirt - Who wants one?


Hello All

I have just created a T-shirt design, based on one of my painted Chaos Dwarf Minis. What do you guys think?

If you like it, I can make more designs. Even with YOUR minis. :slight_smile:


and with a white background

These t-shirts are available to buy online, but as I am not sure if I am allowed to provide a link to where you can buy these…all  I am going to say is ZAZZLE.

Can and admin please confirm wherether I can allowed to provide a link to these (an any upcoming) t-shirts.


Here is one more quick design.

note: The actual colour of the t-shirt can be changed to suit your taste.


T shirts have been a problem in the past with chaos dwarfs online and unfortunately we can’t have advertising for shirts for sale.

Sorry about that.