[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Technology

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Envision great demons writhing and twisting under the strength of fowl black enchanted chains. Wailing and loud palpating bestial sounds crackle though the air as souls are being cut away from these great magic beings by guillotines that are dark as suit and suck the light around into them. Think of the back drop of great caverns and fissures within the earth choked with heat and ash from the forges and inter workings of a spider work of caverns. With throngs of slaves moving back and forth digging for mineral, cowering under the crack of the oppressors whips, and dying for the whims of their masters. The chaos dwarves are not wasteful so they use this waste stream of broken dead slaves as raw material for their malicious creations. Above the din of the warrens on the surface rises a mighty walled ziggurat built of stones only teams of giants could have moved. At the top stands a monolith of living stone and coursing magma, a being of Hashut's imagination, a gargantuan bull with the essence of hatred and jealousy in its eyes and wrapped in the heat venting from the entire underground labyrinth around it.

Did you make that up?

Pretty cool :cheers
Well, they did try to blow up the Dwarfs with a giant rocket, and the Chaos Dwarfs don't necessarily need a lot of the weaponry that they have, being more interested in slaving and capturing than destroying, I'd have to question the Kollosus as being a necessity.

Really? well I never heard of that

As for the Kollosus they had a reason to bring guns and troops to the battlefield safely in an armoured boxs


It was called the "Hammer of Hashut"


Where is that first mentionned. We should have ‘hammer of hashut’ as a clickable term on the wiki.


I'm an avid reader of it, and I think the technology would be close to chaos dwarfs, but the CD would have a much darker and twisted feel to it (Something like the old Heterodynes in the comic).

Oooh... old Heterodynes, heck yeah! They even had their own "Black Orcs" made...


Here’s my drill:



Well, they did try to blow up the Dwarfs with a giant rocket...

Indeed while technological advanced (and perhaps teh most advanced in the World of Warhammer) I see them as reckless with such technology.

Think about it they build a massive rocket that almost wipes out their only city, not necessarily the models of caution these guys are.