[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Test model!

Lord Elpus:

Finally got around to finishing my test model for my chaos Dwarf army…

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I like everything but the skin tone. He looks like a dwarfen vampire! Other than that, looks great!!


I actually really dig the skin tone. Cold, cruel and inhuman. I think you’ve done justice to this awesome mini.


The skin tone is growing on me. Not my favourite but OK.


Good job.  Definitely liking the skin tone.  It gives them a sort of stone vs flesh look which is very fitting their hard, unyielding social traits.  It is also somewhat foreshadowing for sorcerer’s in particular which adds an additional level of interest.

One comment.  Consider a darker or at least non-gray color for the base edges.  Light gray colors in particular tend to make the base look unpainted; as that is a common color of bare resin and plastic used for 28mm models (the irony is that I’m a fan of black which can have the same issue; so please take this suggestion with the appropriate grains of salt).  :)