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Ok, follow me on my slow descent into insanity:

Look at what’s happening to the Elves. Malekith will likely become the boss of the good guys, all Elves will be merged in a single list, and Asuryan & Khaine can be (in a simplistic way) considered as the “good & evil” aspects of the pointy eared critters. Ah, we also have one of Aenarion’s heirs, supposedly the most heroic High Elf in existance, going bananas, drawing the Widowmaker, and acting Tony Montana on Ulthuan.

Bear with me because this is where it gets complicated:

Now, we know that Hashut saved Zorn Uzkul’s Dwarfs during the Great Catastrophe. He is depicted as a God, although it has always been stated that “none knows his exact origins”. And he doesn’t seem to be one of the Big Fours in disguise.
So far the Dwarfs haven’t played a big role in the End Times, although we know that the Dwarven empire is in an even more ruined state than before (and I assume that as soon as Archaon moves his butt we can kiss Kraka Drak goodbye).
Add that 1) Something is happening in the Dark Lands, 2) Ogres are migrating WESTWARDS, 3) the next book will likely be Skaven, 4) “the gloom over the Dark Lands is broken only by meteoric streaks of sickly green,” probably warpstone 5) Valaya was buried under the mountains in a hidden chamber and was killed by Neferata in her sleep (Is stated that all Dwarven gods are sealed the same way)…

Do you think is possible that MAYBE (maybe), Hashut is… Another ancestor god? There, I said it. Maybe a grumpy evil one (sorta Khaine vs. Asuryan). And what if the Dwarf race will be reunited again and we (+ our vanilla kin) manage to kick in the ass (or at least survive) the Ogres + Skarsnik’s Waaagh + Skavens? Because lets face it, if warpstone meteorites are falling in the Dark Lands, the Skaven will be definitely come sniffing after them.

If you had asked me the same question four months ago I’d have laughed hard at your face, but I’d have also laughed at the suggestion of High Elves joining their Dark & Wood counterparts…


Aaaah hell no!!! Nooooo!!!

I pray to the Dark Father they continue to ignore us :frowning:


Aaaah hell no!!! Nooooo!!!!


In Liber Chaotica: Hashut, Grimstonefire presented the theory of Hashut being a fallen ancestor god of Dwarfs, embodying greed. Still, I would take it more than ten times as likely that the Elves unite than that uncorrupted Dwarfs and Chaos Dwarfs unite. I can’t see the latter happening, Dwarfs are simply too stubborn and full of grudge. Elves, on the other hand, are fickle and a reunion for war and Elven empire could suit them.

Add to that, that Elves are not aligned to any of the other major factions. All three of their factions only have themselves to align to. Chaos Dwarfs on the other hand are uttely devoted to Chaos, which Dwarfs could never stomach.


I'd have also laughed at the suggestion of High Elves joining their Dark & Wood counterparts...

I'm still laughing.

It's hilarious to see GW repeatedly jumping the shark.


They could be “reunited”. The vanilladwarfs can be slaves under their dark brothers :hashut


Well, Chaos Dwarf have fought alongside & against the forces of Chaos… Plus, the truth might be revealed that Hashut’s indeed an ancestor god and therefore… yadda, yadda, yadda.

Same thing goes for Dark Elves, they have led Warriors of Chaos into Lustria and employed Marauders to siege Utlhuan, but here presto they stand for the Forces of Light (at least technically, we still don’t know what ET:Khaine is about). I mean, I’m not saying that CDs will become good guys, just that Dwarfs will have to grudgingly recognize us as followers of an Ancestor God (whom they would have to take into consideration themselves)…

Now, this whole thing is a total offspring of my twisted imagination. I don’t see it happening myself, but with the End Times subverting everything we knew about Warhammer you never know…? Besides, I’d rather stand agains rats, fatsoes & greenskin beside my hates cousins than face oblivion once and for all! It’s fun to read your reactions though :smiley:


Yes, Dwarf factor is very prevalent in GW Dwarfs. Elves are fickle and may forget, Dwarfs may not.

My guess is that there will be no forces of light to speak about for the End Times. The closest one could come to that would be some sort of coalition between Empire, Bretonnia and Dwarfs I guess, for it makes sense for the Elf trio to strike out for their own path. Not good, not evil, but Elven.

Just like “forces of destruction” for the ET books are divided between warring Undead, Chaos and supposedly Skaven. United Khaine Elves could basically be viewed as a force of destruction if my gut instincts about GW’s approach to them is anywhere close to the real deal. :slight_smile:


"Dwarf factor" - never forget.

IF GW forgets to "never forget" I will giv up. Understand.

Understood. Wait, what was that you said ;P?


Also, another factor besides Dwarf factor: Don’t pull the same ace twice. You can’t unite Dwarfs and CDs if you’ve already united all Elves. You have to choose either of them, not both, and then the logical choice is Elves. Otherwise the story gets repetitive.


I mean, I'm not saying that CDs will become good guys

Living outside subjugation before Hashut is utterly evil. Lo, how horribly wicked are the lesser races and only hard labour and the furnace fire can purify them. They are all born as Ashfated, all of them. So sayeth the Scriptures of Zharr.

Praise the Father of Darkness!

Praise Hashut!
-Klobolg Gorak-Zharr, dinner sermon.


Also, another factor besides Dwarf factor: Don't pull the same ace twice. You can't unite Dwarfs and CDs if you've already united all Elves. You have to choose either of them, not both, and then the logical choice is Elves. Otherwise the story gets repetitive.

I think you mean thrice - they did it with Undead first; you could argue that doesn't count because they used to be a single army whereas Elves and Dwarves never had unified lists for their respective races, but on the other hand the undead fluff evolved to the point where Tomb Kings and Vamps hated each other and probably wouldn't work together any more than the three Elf groups.

The only reason Chaos don't count as another example is that pre-existing fluff states they will band together from time to time.

Wolf :

All, I have been thinking about this for along time and do not smite me however this is my thoughts and no facts can be proven.

The story goes:

Grimnir the Fearless is the warrior god of the Dwarfs. He personifies the undaunted courage and fearlessness of the Dwarf race. After the coming of Chaos to the Warhammer world, raw magic poured into the world from the Realm of Chaos. Grimnir was given two mighty rune axes forged from the starmetal gromril by Grungni, which he used to fight off the daemons, giants, trolls and dragons which emerged to threaten the mountain realms of the Dwarf clans. On learning from the High Elves (Caledor Dragontamer) of the Chaos Portal at the north pole which was the source of Chaos, Grimnir vowed to close the gate himself. Grungni and Valaya told him that he would surely die from the cosmic energies around the gate, but Grimnir was determined to uphold his vow. He shaved his head and beard save for one crest of hair that ran from the nape of his neck to his forehead. Leaving one of his axes to his son, Grimnir departed for the north. He was never seen again, although his fate is unknown. The Dwarfs only say that he fell in darkness long ago.

End Quote

What if Grimnir, didn’t fall to darkness but more embraced it was mutated by it and became Hashut the all father.

This would be a very Chaos twist of fate.



I always believed that Hashut and the Horned Rat are deamon princes…
not as powerful as the big 4 but something like be’lakor (or malal)…

…and I am pretty sure that ET won’t touch our doomed (non GW) race…

Ah, we also have one of Aenarion’s heirs, supposedly the most heroic High Elf in existance, going bananas, drawing the Widowmaker, and acting Tony Montana on Ulthuan.

ahahahahahahah I just fell off my chair :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


War profiteering is likely the goings-on for the Hashut Dwarfs.

Archaon is not the Champion of Hashut, he has to pay in slaves or riches for the services of the Chaos Dwarfs.

So while man wars with man, the dead wake, the elves do whatever elves do…

The Chaos Dwarfs take the slaves and materials and expand their holdings.  Digging deeper into the earth and finding hidden old powers and binding them.

If they wrote an “End Times: Chaos Dwarf” book it would be a ledger of some Daemonsmith where he catalogs the gathering of power, wealth, and slaves, building greater walls to repel foes, and the dark sacrifices made to protect from the magic of the enemies.


I half expect GW to fold CDs into regular dwarfs just to get rid of us and make their dwarfs a little less generic, which is the whole point of this world-changing stuff. I can imagine it being a similar situation to how hobgoblins were treated by other greenskins in the previous editions, a distinctly uneasy atmosphere that had a fairly minor impact on the rules.

Wolf :

Check out Grimstonefire's Liber Chaotica: Hashut (early draft).

Thanks Herby, seems I'm behind the eight ball on this subject ;P.

Plus thanks for the link really good read :hat off.


End Times: Hashut; wouldn’t it be cool if there was such a book :slight_smile: It could have a combined army list of Chaos Dwarfs and Orcs and Goblins, just like the good old days. These two armies don’t seem to be getting anything in the End Times anyway.

I heard the Dwarfs are just locking themselves away in the End Times (I don’t have Khaine so can’t read it). Perhaps they will emerge as Chaos Dwarfs when the dust has settled? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I heard the Dwarfs are just locking themselves away in the End Times (I don't have Khaine so can't read it). Perhaps they will emerge as Chaos Dwarfs when the dust has settled? ;P

Eh, one can hope. Our mislead kindred might still begin to worship the one and only rightful god of the Dwarf race... Like it should've always been :hashut


Well seeing as Nagash has eaten Valaya and Thorek Ironbrow is dead.

The End Times have not been kind to our stubbornly deluded cousins.

I highly doubt though we will be rolled in with them. We are far too different and don’t even represent the same side in this war. Not to mention neither of us would ever coexist with the other. We are each others worst enemy.

More likely we won’t even be mentioned in any major way except that we are doing what we always do ( …Pinky, try and take over the world :hat off ).

At least that’s my thoughts.

On a separate note who knows what Uzkulak “land of the skull” looks like now with all this rife necromancy. I’m shocked no one is marching the entire plain across the old world yet. I can just picture a lone, mad, necromancy-practicing Dawi Zharr laughing maniacally as he reforms the countless bones into a shambling legion of undead.