[Archive] Chaos Dwarf with Great Weapon


I saw a model of a bighat CD with a two handed axe on ebay. As far as I remember there were two versions of this figure, but I never see it in anybodies armies. Why is it so rare if it reached production?


Some of this could be explain as to where it was produced. The UK produced a bit longer then the US. AFAICR they also came later in the production cycle of CDs.




As far as I can remember?


Was that the one people thought was a fake, a conversion that was cast?

Lord Zarkov:

Did it have a Full or Half-size hat? The one with a fullsize hat was the casted conversion, the half-size one was the pair of real ones that are near-impossible to get hold of.


Why so difficult?


Well, I’m just glad I finally have won a bunch on Fleabay! :cheers:

Pyro Stick:

Why so difficult?

Because people on ebay that have shops buy them when they come up and then relist them with a starting price of £10 each even if they are the fake versions. I dont really want to spend £10 on one warrior but i would like to get at least one for my army.

Hrothgar Goldgreed: