[Archive] chaos dwarf wizard of metal

Knight Of Awsome:

here are some better ones, I experimented with them.


Kera foehunter:

Sweet i like the eye on the second picture they look spooky


How did you get the beard to be so full and big

Knight Of Awsome:

@TCBH: role sumwhat larger rols then normal then cut down + the side the roles on.

Well i still need ideas on a banner.Any ideas?


Have the Weird bull sign it looks like the khorne sign but has a line missing or something

Kera foehunter:

I skulls with chaos dwarf beards!!with FIRE!!


I’ll tell you what would be a really cool colour scheme… Paint the skin with a basecoat of boltgun metal, highlight with mithril silver, then drybrush your normal skin colours over the top.��He would hopefully have the whole molten metal wizard thing going on!

Might need to practice on an old model to see if it works.


i love the paint job


Haha love the model and a little detail the skulls with the hats on the banner are cool :smiley:


Awesome conversion! The second set of pictures show off the paint job much better. I had a similar molten metal idea for my sorcerer, but it keeps falling off. :frowning: