[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs: A Chance?


Just posted this on Warseer, when I re-read it and felt it should be posted here.

My prediction, and the goal I will be working towards?

Chaos Dwarfs get the crown from Grimgor.

Seriously, think about it. The Crown is apparently nigh-indestructible and extremely powerful, so it needs to end up somewhere that won’t immediately spell the doom of all the other races. What race isn’t going to be dealt with for

So it ends up with Grimgor, but is stolen and replaced with a useless (but shiny) fake by his allies, the Chaos Dwarfs. He won’t care or notice, he wants a fight, not a boss hat. (maybe they leave the identity of the theives ambiguous, I don’t know)

Nothing is heard of the crown until the (Q3 2009 :angel: )Chaos Dwarf release, when we discover that…

The crown is donned by a low-level Sorcerer-Priest, who goes insane and starts blasting the place up. He’s cast out of Zharr-Naggrund and wanders the Darklands, merrily contributing to the beautiful charred look the place has in the Summer.

The damage to Zharr-Naggrund (and its slave population) prompts the Overlords of the Chaos Dwarfs to decide that more slaves are needed to quickly repair the damage. Much more. More, in fact, than are currently available through occasional raids against Greenskins, Ogres, Cathay and the Dragon Isles.

And where might more slaves be found? Why, to the West! Thus giving Chaos Dwarfs a nice and tidy motive to venture out of the Darklands in large numbers, as well as a Special Character in the form of the insane Sorcerer-Priest.

Me, On Warseer
With concerted fluff-posting it could be possible.

-A bit at the end of every report until a certain date stating that the forges of the Darklands are working strongly, the columns of smoke from them tainted with warpstone (perhaps posted on other race forums in hopes of garnering some support).

-Follow this up with rumours of a fake crown being forged in the East for unknown purposes.

-Follow this up with reports of a group of Chaos Dwarfs travelling through Mad Dog Pass to Grimgor’s HQ, acting as an entourage to an unknown artifact carried in a lead-bound chest.

-End the campaign with a story of an Orc warband carrying the crown to Grimgor, only to be slain and the crown taken. Bizzarely, Grimgor is then given a crown by his Chaos Dwarf allies, confirmed by spies to be identical to the Nemesis Crown. The Eastern Dwarfs left the area in a hurry and with big grins. No change has been noticed in Grimgor, who has discarded the “useless boss hat”. It has yet to be recovered, but it is suspected to be a fake.


Grimgor might even willingly go along with it. As you said, he dosn’t care if he has the hat, so long as he gets the fight, and the priests of Zhar-Naggrund pay him enough, he might just be willing to settle for a cunning forgery.

The Flying Beaver:

What are the thoughts from the Greenskin community?

Hashut’s Blessing:

I remember we had a discussion about this before. Something about placing fake crowns in the forest and/or trading/stealing from Grimgor the crown, replacing with either a useless fake or one that makes him easier to find… That way, he’ll get even MORE fights…


Everything sounds nice about this part except Zharr-Naggrund geting blow up later, that bti I didn�t like but it could still change :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

I’ve liked this idea since it was first cooked up. I’d say go for it!


Nice now I have a chance to do this campaign in regulation.:slight_smile:

Lord Zarkov:

Sounds like a good idea!


Cetainly worth a try, but GW may not bite. They may not want CD coming too much back to prominence quite yet. Woot, 200 posts!!!


I hink this idea to put a fake crow on Grimgor and keeping the real one is actually a very original idea that noone has so far except us come up with. Because of that I think we should try it, as it stands out. Would be very intersting to see if GW will catch up on it.

Traitor King:

Wow, a great idea. We could also offer grimgor something in payment. think slaves. he can fight them!

Grimgor might however want to keep the crown as it will mean that he is clearly ‘da bestest orc’.

also, whos syaing grimgor gets the crown?


With our support, of course he will get the crown :wink: Also I tihnk that the orcs geting the crown would indeed give the leasts effect ont he world as if anyone else get it, it will bring changes and somehow, GW usually dont want that. If Grimgor get it and he want everyone tof ight him, well no change there, its usual bussniess for orcs and him. Thats why I belive that he and the orcs will win.


I’ve already discussed this with the MoW (paid up member :)). I think they said it was up to GW what would happen to the crown itself should each race win.

So not a no in principle, but far from a yes.