[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs and Predator


Seems a lot of people who like Chaos Dwarfs also like the film Predator with Arnie the Governator.

Anybody else here the same?��Its one of my favourite films.

Is this film generally something people into warhammer/ 40k like, or linked especially to CD players?��The only WH players I know who really like it are also CD players.


predator is amazing was saying that to the gaffer the other night. dunno if it has anything to do with being a CD player tho ive liked predator for years.

the dreads might subliminally link it with curly beards . . .

The Slaver:

Well, lets face it, anything with the governator and a giant, cloaked killing machine from another planet has to be at least a little entertaining. I never liked it as much as Alien/ALiens though, but it does move alot faster.

I like watching movies while i paint, and have to say my favorite painting movie has to be Waterworld. It was overbudget, and cheesy, but damn, you have to love that catamaran! Anyone else paint with a film?


Predator is pretty excellent but I think that Total Recall is my favourite Arnie flick: http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=hFHrslAs_EQ.

Also, is anybody else as excited as I am about the new conan movies coming out?


omg i didnt know there was new conan now im excited!!!

The Slaver:

CONAN!!! CROM!!! SCWAZENAGGER!!!(or how ever you spell his name!)


I’ll give you that it’s an awesome movie, power to Apollo Creed! Although I doubt it’s because of my Chaos Dwarf collection that I enjoy it, i’d probably say it was because of all the Action and guns : D.


Haven’t watched Predator for some time, or perhaps at all, can’t remember which. Heh.

Mayhaps I will take a gander online.


Mayhaps I will take a gander online.
I haven't seen it online, but you could probably pick it up on dvd for a good price, I saw it in hmv for ?5.


I even have the second one on VHS, talk about old-skool. Can’t play it anymore though due to the lack of a video player :~

I think the second one is the better of the two, less introduction and sneaking, more predator action!



You can get both the movies in a double pack. They are both very good movies. Not seen Alien Vs Predator but heard some pretty bad reviews of it.


I’ve got AvsP on dvd and it’s pretty m�h.

Some nice scenes, but a ridiculous storyline and it’s way too short.

The predators look nice though (so do the aliens), so it’s always usefull as reference material :slight_smile:



I just painted a whole unit of CD warriors whilst watching die hard 4 that i ‘aquired’… its really good!

Yippy-kai-ay mother f****r!

The Slaver:

Yippy Kai Yay is right! Now thats the true american hero!


AvP was so stupid that wallend compainny diden’t even egsist in that time period.Yay I love die hard and leathal weapon.