[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs at the Battle Bunker of Chicago at 48 Hours event


So I went down on Saturday to the 48 hours of gaming event, in Chicago Illinois, bringing alongside me 2000 points of Chaos Dwarfs

For many, it was there very first time ever seeing the Army. I had one GW employee come up and he was completely shocked to see Chaos Dwarfs on the battlefield.

My First game was against an all Gnoblar army. I forgot some things, like the fact that Earthshaker Cannons and Death Rockets don’t allow armor saves, since it is effectively a big stone crushing you according to rules of stone throwers, but it was a good game that surprisingly, boiled to over 15 turns and ended with one unit of warriors and a single mage cornered in a defensive position against two gnoblar units, which I proceeded to wittle down with Fireballs. (All Praise Hashut, Father of Flames and Darkness! )

We were having so much fun just joking and playing that I couldn’t stop playing and declare a win. I was just loving the whole character of an entire gnoblar army, especially his lucky gits, that I just kept going until every single model on side or the other was destroyed. Put simply, it was the most fun I’ve had with my Chaos Dwarfs in 3 years since I stopped playing them.

Second game was siding with Skaven, against Dwarfs and High elves. We both were winning, and my blunderbusses once again wreaked pure havoc on the battlefield when I could still march them their 3 inches and fire. Lots of fun.

Third and Final game, while fun, was not as much fun. It was a special event that a guy ran and we had no idea of the scenario. I was relying on a chaos player, a 9 year old kid, to hold the objective while I supported with him Artillery fire. The big problem with the game is how terrain was set up for us. Basically, choke points with impassable terrain was set up on both sides, killing movement for both sides and not really allowing a securing of the objective. I ended up hammering the poor high elf player with artillery and understandably, he was upset that he could not manuever too well to come against me. Nor could I to him. Basically our movement was severely hampered. Still, I didn’t care for some things. (He really seemed to try and fudge just how badly my earthshaker effects were hampering his archers, trying to just do a ‘half radius’ if you will.

The third game took forever, it was one giant game of good versus evil with like 6 armies on each side. I could have gotten 3 games in in the span of that and in retrospect I probably should have. Just that whoever won was promised prizes, which I didn’t (Objective wise) because of terrain and deployment and reliance on the chaos player against dwarves, who did not fully understand what he was doing unfortunatley. Army wise, I SLAUGHTERED the High Elves, massively destroying them with Artillery, Blunderbusses, and the horror of a Hero with the Black Hammer and Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel to his chariot.

Overall, I had fun. And alot of players were very, VERY happy to see Chaos Dwarves. I even had an orc and goblin player sit down and talk to me, stating that he was just absolutley thrilled to have seen a fully functional old School Chaos Dwarf army in action. ( all of my minis are the metal minis, save a few plastic chaos dwarfs) He and I talked for a long while, and he was just extremley happy to have seen the army and how they did, stating that to him, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to have witnessed them in action.

At the end of the night I shouted out in the battle bunker and asked who here was happy to see Chaos Dwarfs in action? I got a huge reply back that many were very happy to have seen the army in action and have seen them be played.

I even had another player come up to me to show me his Chaos Dwarf Sorceror, which was BEAUTIFULLY painted.

All in all, to me, 3 games out of 3 won. I see some weak points with Strategy, namely I almost never get off charges with my guys, and I play my army phalanx style and very defensively. That may change once I get my greenskins, but we’ll see.

So…Mission accomplished. I got the word out, had an absolute blast, to many, was an excellent sportsman. :slight_smile:


Nice post Draconis, sounds like you had a great day.

Do you have any pics from the day or of your army?


sounds like you had fun and made chaos dwarfs look good!


Awesome! Pictures please! :slight_smile:


No pictures unfortunatley, I do not have a digital camera nor did I think to bring my Girlfriends.

When I have the rest of my Chaos Dwarfs I’ll post pictures of them. I have ALOT of painting to do. And I mean a frigging LOT.

To give an idea of the total number of CD I have…here is the ‘Estimate’ of my minis.

40 Hobgoblin Archers

40 Sneaky Gits, maybe more

55+ Hobgoblins on Foot

25 Orc Arrer Boyz

20 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders, Including the old Hobgobla Khan RoR

35 Plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors

42 Metal Warriors

40 Blunderbusses

1 Lammasu and Sorc Lord

1 Great Tarus and Chaos Dwarf Lord

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord

1 Chaos Dwarf Hero

2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerors

1 Hellcannon

3 Earthshaker Cannons

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

1 Death Rocket (Crew for 2. Anyone have a spare death rocket?)

20 Bull Centaurs, including 2 standard bearers

That’s off of the top of my head

So yeah…LOTS of painting to do. I forsee using GW’s paint bar alot as money is tight and I cannot afford paints right now.

Traitor King:

Good to hear that you had fun and its also great to hear that the warhammer community still likes CDS!


Aye, I did. I went into the GW shop here at Gurnee hoping to get a game in but no one ever showed up. One of the guys did however, and I spoke with him briefly. (he plays high elves, but didn’t bring his army)

He stated matter of factly that my Chaos Dwarves Rocked, and that during the entire time he saw me playing others, that I “Rained Pain” down on my opponents. He also stated that it was just absolutely awesome to see someone out there who was doing something different, instead of "Typical Chaos Army A " Or “Blood Dragon Army of Death Stereotype” Etc, which was very cool to hear.

I think I am going to go for a defensive style for my CD’s, using alot of archery, hobgoblin wolf riders, flanking units of sneaky gits, and artillery to whittle down the opponent before combat occurs.

Still…with us having to use the new O&G animosity rules…the idea of my hobgoblin archers rushing forward from where I want them to try and get into combat…just…disturbs me…

Who the **** ever heard of bloodthirsty hobgoblins!!! I mean…I thought we fed those slaves so many doughnuts that they can’t help but be fat and happy and vunerable to suggestions…

I mean heck…look at RootBeers Hobgoblin Hero…it’s a veritable green Homer Simpson!!!



That’s the thing about Chaos Dwarfs! They are rare, so people show more interest! Another perk for playing CDs!

Thommy H:

That's the thing about Chaos Dwarfs! They are rare, so people show more interest! Another perk for playing CDs!

When I first brought my Chaos Dwarves out in the group I was playing with, everyone was just interested to see the models. Some of these guys were veteran warhammer players, but they'd never seen any of the figures in the flesh. It also makes everyone a lot more forgiving with painting standards and playing ability - after all, it takes so much effort just to get a playable army of Chaos Dwarfs that you get automatic respect just for trying :)