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Hello all.

I have been lurking on this forum for sometime now, but now i have gathered my courage and will post some pictures of my chaos dwarfs. I haven’t really decided on what I want in my chaos dwarf army but list will be something like this. I will have at least 1 unit of warriors with shield & hand weapon (a nice bulky unit of 20-25), then some chaos dwarfs with blunderbuss (12-15 probably), Lots of hobgoblins and some orcs (since i have about 5k worth of orcs and goblins), characters (1 CD hero as general and 2-3 sorcerers), war machines.

Here is the start of my chaos dwarf project, 10 chaos dwarf warriors with hand weapon & shield. They are not completely finished yet, i have to do some details, shading and finish basing them.

I also have a very WIP general, but the battery in my camera died so i couldn’t get anymore pictures. I’m very slow painter and i have 5 different armies and over 100 figures unpainted, so it might take sometime to update this thread.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Good start what you need to do is make them more evil looking. Right now they simply look like dwarfs painted red. Great job on the eyes BTY.


I like your use of scary pointy chaos weapons! Willmark may have a point, that they need something more to really tip the scales in favour of “chaos” - maybe highlighting the curly beards to make them stand out a bit more? maybe something with the shields? As you said, they still have a bit of work left to do on them in any case. I look forward to seeing more!


Good start, even a standard with a chaos star would help get the message across, lots of subtle changes add up to a good effect.


Excellent start (echo!) so far! The beards looks great, well done on those!

Can’t wait for more picture! :slight_smile:


sprucing up the shields with a chaos star or a spike in the middle or both would go along way methinks in getting the chaos messege across. also, maybe some spiky shoulder pauldrons or capping the beards in spikes.

Kera foehunter:

i like the champion mask /big hat!!


They are great - and yes, they should be a bit more evil. I would give them some more chaotic insignia (on shields, helms and also some tusked teeth as well :hat


Thank you all for comments. As I said they are not finished yet, beards need highlighting (only single flat color of either black or dark brown), shields look a bit empty imo and need something (probably freehanded symbols of chaos) I think that would make them more evil looking, some black lining here and there (especially on the big hatted guys hat), leather parts need highlighting too, and of course the basing needs to be done. Talking about basing i plan on painting the sand in black then highlighting with fortress gray and bleached bone and then adding some static grass, like i have done on my chaos army.
Here is a picture to demonstrate how it will look

But instead of green grass i will have yellow (dead) grass or maybe not grass at all, and the edges of the base will not be green (brown or black probably). Then the command group is going to be more chaos themed with symbols of chaos on banner and skulls and other such things.

Edit: I forgot Spikes! i have to have some spikes…


evilness can be achieved rather easily;

1. Horned helmets

2. Skulls

3. Furs.

4. capes.

5. pale skin.

6. Random chaos bits(ask a friend!).

As for the shields, this isnt important but when painting metal in general I tend to water down my metal colors(aka thin down) to make it look, well more like metal. Chaos dwarf being dwarfs living in volcanic and generally being evil I would suggest to do it even more, perhaps even mixing down some black ink! The more you do it, the dirtier it will look but if you do it not so much, it will look alot more “real”.



I agree with most of what has been said, but I’d like to take the time to give kudos to Mahtipakarat for the eyes! Those guys eyes make the models, IMHO. THere is a lot of expression there. I gave up on eyes long ago (aside from googly Lizardmen eyes anyway) because for Tabletop use you can never see them.

I think the eyes are a forgotten art!


woohoo, it’s mati, hi there

nice dawi zharr, very good but maybe goive theme aler skin to make em more chaos and less dwarf


I find that while nice chaos dwarfs don’t nessicarily need to have anything on their shields… Not to say you can’t thou.


Well done on an excellent start. For the shield I’d recomend GS arrows. They look better than freehand and are incrediblly easy to do. Just whack a blob of GS onto the shield then cut out the shape you want. As you get practiced you could do chaos stars and runes of Hashut as well


Well done - I personally like you big hat :slight_smile:

- But, I’ll personally try to go as long as I can away from their original look - Because I don’t like the normal look of the dwarfs, But your work is an excellent start. I’ll hope to see some more soon.



Long time no ocean :P.

So it has been about 19months since I last painted chaos dwarfs, or updated this ‘blog’. But this time i have actually managed to paint something!. Yesterday i converted 15 annihilators from BFSP thunderers and while i was at it i desided to paint them too (took about 3-5 hours to paint them i lost the track of time while painting :D.)

So without further ado here they are.

I’m really happy how they turned out. I havent really painted anything in almost a year. Most of my inspiration came from other peoples works (ie.Tjub, Snotling and many other) so thank you all. I’m currently working on 2 death rockets and some bullcentaurs. I’m planning to paint something to the Golden Hat competition, that way I have a strict deadline and i wont spend 19 months in something else :cheers.


Nice to see your army back. Nice googles here, they are really disturbing… I like them.


Some good looking big hats you have got there, the goggles look ace gives them a really menacing feel :slight_smile:


[size=xx-large]YES [/size]

More bigger better hats !!!



Been only about a week and i’m here again :hat off.
I have been busy converting 6 bull centaurs, couple of wizards/daemonsmiths and these warriors.

Sorry to dissapoint all you big hat fans :P. So i repainted my 10 chaos dwarf warriors and converted and painted 11 more. Thank you for comments. I hope you like my newest additions.