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Great work, the army is really coming together now, but only one big hat :frowning:


Thanks for comments. (and sorry for the lack of big hats on my previous unit). Here is my newest addition to the army. 6 ‘boar’ centaurs.

I converted these guys about a week ago from BFSP miners and orc boars with some bits from old dwarf and chaos sprues. So these guys were speedpainted today (took about 2 hours to paint these). I’m not really happy how they turned out so i probably will repaint them later. Now i’m too busy with new projects. I don’t like the fur or the beard, I would like greyer fur and blacker beard. Also i might change their armour from silvery metal to more brass looking one (on the scales atleast). Oh and i totally messed up the bone parts on these x.x. Well anyways they are fit for the field of battle now, and hopefully they are the much needed punch in my army that I need. :cheers


Awesome work Mahtipakarat, i think this makes up for the lack of big hats in the last unit and then some :hat off really like the goggles on them very cool :slight_smile:



I’m here again with another update (3 days on a row i’m on fire ;P).

This time only a minor update, but still great contribution to my groving army. I have 3 characters ready to lead my army! Chaos dwarf hero/slavemaster and 2 wizards/daemonsmiths ready for field of battle.

single pictures of these guys.


Firemage #1

Firemage #2

I should really think of a name for my heroes and some fluff, but i’m really poor in such tasks :frowning: (as you may notice from the constant idea stealing I have done already :P). These were a blast to paint and convert, like all my chaos dwarfs. Now my army has a good core to start building the rest of the army.

I still need to do:

2-4 Bolt throwers (going to use m3lvins awesome tutorial on these).

2 deathrockets (probably empire helstorm rocket batteries)

2 earthshakers (not desided yet. Maybe using empire artillery kit for these).

15 more Blunderbusiers/Annihilators (have 4 converted and rest ready to be converted).

15 Chaos dwarf warriors with Great weapon (ready for converting).

High priest of hashut/ lord level wizard (no idea, but it must be awesome :D).

and i have models for 15 more chaos dwarfs with HW&shield so i’ll probably make those aswell for some variety for my list.

Kera foehunter:

Ahhhhhhh !! there so cute i love thow little chubby centaurs !!!

love the beard you did a great job on them!


Boar Centaurs are not cute… :stuck_out_tongue: I’m glad that you like them.

Only minor update today. I managed to add final details on my 2nd unit of annihilators/blunderbusiers with milliput (despite the hangover).
Here is a sneak peek at them.

I raided some of my dwarf thunderers, for I wanted some variation for my units (too many BFSP clones), and I already have enough thunderers for my regular dwarf army (I prefer quarrelers).

The guy at the front left is to be my high priest of hashut, i’ll have to give somesort of blunderbuss to him (Hailfiregun).

And the guy at the back left is to be my champion for my 2nd unit of Hw & shield warriors.

EDIT: After the milliput had dried, I painted these lads they only need 3 more colours, gold/brass for metal details, browns for wood and leatherparts and black and some highlights with grey. So expect some finished pictures of these guys tomorrow :cheers.


Bumb and hello,

Today I finished my 2nd unit of blunderbusiers, made some regimental bases and painted lava on some bases.

I plan to add those arrows on most of the hats (blunderbusiers #1 and bull centaurs). Then going to paint lava on atleast 50% of my already painted army.

Yesterday I bought helstorm rocket battery, and it being such a cool model i’ll probably only do some minor conversion on it and use it as my death rocket. Still loads of things to do, but atleast I now have about 1050-1150pts of troops ready. Some artillery and another unit of warriors will bring this to 1500pts and then highpriest and more arty will bring that to 2000pts :D.

Edit: Managed to make 2 more regimental bases and add lava on most of the bases. So here is a group picture of all my chaos dwarfs together.


Wow, you’ve been working fast. The army looks great so far! I admire you for starting with all those troops, I tend to end up with 2/3 troops and 1/3 characters myself. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great work Mahtipakarat the army is looking great , great to see so many big hats :hat off


Awesome army!

My fovourites are the non BigHats :hat off !

But also the BigHats are great, like especially the Boarcentaurs!

It´s good to see that the small brothers of the Bullcentaurs still have their devotees :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !



Yo man really awsome army! love the style :smiley: I like to add googles to my models to :hat off and btw love the bullcentaurs I think I might just steal that idea of urs if that’s alright :smiley:


I must admit ive had a big problem in trying to come to a suitable version of a conventional grudge pony and for the life of me I lack the skill to cut it as a total newbuild sculptor and I love the Boarcentaurs so consider that style and that concept shamelessly stolen that is if you dont mind at all that is :wink: .


Long time no a-b-C.


I’m back again after a short break from modeling and painting. Only a minor update this time, I managed to convert and paint my high priest and here he is.

A simple conversion from BFSP cannon crewman, but I’m really pleased with how he turned out.

I made something little for the Golden hat 10# but you’ll see it later ;P.

I also managed to play a couple of games of warhammer with my chaos dwarfs. First game was 2250pts tournament comp list against lizardmen (a practice game for my friend who was going to a tournament). Game ended 11-9 to my advantage, pretty uneventful game all out. Game winning moment being when my mob of 25 hobgoblinslaves managed to kill his skink priest on engine and then the remaining stegadon broke and fled and was cut down by the pursuing hobbos.

and the second game was 1500pts game against skaven and i won it by massacre 1500+ something points in my favour. But for his defence he rolled really badly pretty much all the time.

oh… Stubbs and Thorne. Feel free to steal my ideas since i probably stole my ideas from someone else :hat off.

black hammer:

the high priest looks good! I think a hat that big deserves some more detail though, like spikes and skulls and stuff.


I like the model, good and simple conversion!

Here is a tip on how do do fire: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3630&pid=92073#pid92073


Cool idea. I like your CD in these glasses :slight_smile:


Great fire on the hat and staff, keep this great stuff coming :slight_smile:


some nice models…the goggles are cool

where is that artificial eye of your sorcerer on the right from?



It’s been a while, I haven’t had the time to post, I have been busy with other things.

Here is my Golden Hat 10# entry. My first Death rocket.

Obviously it didn’t win, but that never was my point in entering. At least i got it finished. It’s just a Helstorm rocket battery with minor changes. I’ll probably add a second one of these to my army since I really like them. Eventhough they havent been performing in game very well.

Currently working on painting my night goblins and goblins for my goblin army (and I’ll use them as hobgoblins in my CD army). I might post them on off-topic showcase when all is done. I still have about 100 night goblins left to paint :(.

where is that artificial eye of your sorcerer on the right from?

It’s just the standard eye the model comes with (it’s the cannon crewmen from Battle for skull pass set).

@tjub: I used your ‘tutorial’ as a quide line to do my flames but I might have overdone them a bit :).

@black hammer: The hat does seem a bit ‘empty’ like that but when in a unit it looks a much nicer so I’m not probably adding anything to him. I’m not completely happy how he turned out so I’ll probably make another high priest and demote him to normal sorcerer.

Thank you all for comments.

Kera foehunter:

great paint job on the blunderbusses love how you did there glasses