[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs by Malikos


Great! Really dig those models, they look like Chaos Dwarf enough to me.


And great paint job and bases, plz feed my eye, I want to see more!!

+1 again, and excellent work!!


Don’t really dig the Rocket Laucher (looks too much like a cannon), but the paintjob is sweet and the crew kicks a*#@s. I like your bases as well. You just need to work on those movement trays.


Thanks all! Working hard on getting these guys painted. I’ll tell you what, after painting an infantry heavy VC army, this one feels like it will be done in no time!

@skink - I agree about the launcher. It was sort of a failed attempt, decided to try and paint it anyways. I’m working on a strict budget, so converting is pretty much my only option. We’ll see what I come up with…

Here is my finished Daemonsmith Sorcerer and 2 more painted crew members! Sorry for the phone pic, it is late :slight_smile:

Thanks for looking and all hail Hashut!


Edit: There is also my WIP infernal guard standard bearer photo bombing this pic.


Looks very well, butt photo to small


These all look great!


Mmmmm, nicey nicey…


Well… I have returned! I’ve been working on many projects, but with the release of the new dwarf book I could not help but want to paint more of these guys. I’m currently working on creating a dual use force, something that easily translates to both Chaos Dwarfs and Dwarfs of Chaos! The idea is to finish the chaos dwarf army by mid april, we’ll see if I can make it!

Here are some WIP pictures:

Infernal Guard / Ironbreakers:

Doom Rockets / Cannons and crew:

Hobigor (Ungorblin? haha…) conversion:

More to come soon… hopefully…


Very nice, particularly like the hobigor khan.



I like that unit so friggin hard. Give us more!!!


Nice painting - keep up the good work :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t want to fight those guys! The shields are the best part - so cool.

Ungorblin is the best word of the two. What kind of wolf is it?


Absolutely brilliant models, every part of them is great!

I like the idea of using Ungors… I’ve always wanted to use those models!


Thanks everyone!


It’s one of the old chaos warhounds. I’ve got a bunch of them, 10 which are already painted, so I just have to stick some ungors on em!


Thanks! The ungors were an easy choice for me, since I’ve already got a beastmen army painted. Not an awesome picture, but these are the dudes I’ll be using as my hobgoblins with bows. They need some work, these guys were painted very quickly a few years ago:


Thanks everyone!


It's one of the old chaos warhounds. I've got a bunch of them, 10 which are already painted, so I just have to stick some ungors on em!

What a brilliant idea - it sure looks chaotic and evil. I'm thinking of using LotR wargs myself, ut now I might have to switch for this.

Good looking ungor unit you have there - especially the fur near the hooves. For some reason the guy next to the champion reminds me of Ben Gunn.


The dwarfs looks amazing, and so does the cannons. If you continue that style, your army may easily be used as CD and vanilla dwarf, like it!!

I like the Hobigor as well;)

You may now continue with more dwarfs…cause I want to see more…:wink:


Original ideas, and great work here! :slight_smile:

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I like what I’ve seen so far. Your color palette is pleasing to the eye, your conversions are simple but unique, and I enjoy the overall flavor you’ve managed to pull together for your army. Keep up the good work!


Update time!!!


Infernal Guard (or Warriors) with GWs:

Still WIP on a lot of this stuff. Making slow progress on these little dudes. More to come soon.

Thanks for looking,



Wow, really nice work. I love you Khans!!!


Great army. I like your inclusion of Ungors and Chaos bitz on Dwarfs. Along with your painting it all looks very good!