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Time of Madness:

Well it really pains me that it has come to this, but I’ve been under a lot of stress recently and need to get rid of this army.

Over the last couple of months I have been away from Warhammer due to work, moving and now an upcoming wedding. Unfortunately due to these events I now need to come up with some extra cash.

On top of that the new edition has come in to effect and I’m not sure I really want to continue playing at this point in time.

Because this community has been so great to me over the years and because I want someone who loves Chaos Dwarfs to own this army I wanted to offer it up on here before it goes to the dreaded e-bay. I am willing to split it, however I would rather sell it to one person (I realize that’s a long shot).

Here’s what I have

This stuff is completed (based and cleaned up - ready to prime/paint)

- 25 Warriors with hand weapon/shields includes full command and 2 heros (Astrogoth and a hero) PIC

- 25 Warriors with great weapons, full command and 2 heros (sorcerer and a hero) PIC

- 15 Blunderbuss PIC

- 15 Blunderbuss

- 2 Death rockets

- 2 bull centaurs

- Eruption Gun

ALSO NOTE - All the completed units have movement trays and are magnitized.

Incompleted stuff

- Chaos Dwarf Champ

- Hobgoblin standard

- 4 Bull Centaurs (2 standards, 1 broken standard guy and 1 conversion)

- Hobgoblin bolt thrower

- 6 Bull Centuars

- Earthshaker

- 4 Hobgoblin wolf riders

- 1 Hobgoblin wolf rider hero

- 1 Hobgoblin wolf rider champ

- 1 Hobgoblin wolf rider standard

- Taurus with Rider

- Lammasu with Rider (also have an extra rider)

- Astrogoth

*Also have 3 metal killa kans in bits

I’m looking for cash via paypal, however may be interested in trading for some metal high elves (for a friend).

You can check out the making of this army via my blog.


Flip me a PM if interested.

Time of Madness


PM sent for the following:

25 Warriors with hand weapon/shields

25 Warriors with great weapons

15 Blunderbuss PIC

15 Blunderbuss


4 Hobgoblin wolf riders

1 Hobgoblin wolf rider hero

1 Hobgoblin wolf rider champ

1 Hobgoblin wolf rider standard

+ the extra Lammasu rider

Time of Madness:

That was quick, everyone in red is now pending (awaiting payment).

Time of Madness


The stuff in red is now paid-for. Would have loved to pick up the BCs as well to bolster what I have, but seeing as they won’t see much play in 8th ED anyway there’s probably better places to spend my $$ :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks ToM



shame to hear you’re selling up mate!


12 Bull Centaurs arrived today. Thank you for that.

Now to look for more Dwarf warriors…


Pm sent, very interested to help out


Hey TOM, got everything. Thanks muchly. Any chance you could bump my market rep before you’re gone for good?


sorry to hear this, TOM.

is there any chance you wil come back?

Time of Madness:

Hey guys,

Thanks for all the quick sales. Everything has now been sold for a couple of weeks now.

As far as coming back, I may come back to Warhammer eventually, but probably not Chaos dwarfs (unless GW gets back to supporting them more).

Time of Madness

P.S. This thread can be closed.


Sorry to see you go but we’ll be here. Per your request, thread closed.