[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs for sale!� � {Big hats + conversions}


Alright, guys.  In order to be able to pay for school next semester, I, unfortunately, have to sell off the big hats.  It kills me inside, but I’ll try to grab some of the FW ones sometime next year.

I can’t break the lot up, as I really do need the money in one lot - times winding down.  Most of the minis are painted {I’ll supply pics if anyones interested}, and those that are not have been primed white.

10 metal Blunderbusses.

12 Sneaky Gits

3 Hobgoblins {painted command}

18 Hobgoblin Warriors including command {primed white} with hand weapons

1 Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower with three crew{primed white}

One Hobgoblin big boss on Wolf

10 converted Blunderbusses

25 converted/cast warriors {including Avatars of War Chaos Dwarf Lord}

3 Inferno golems

1 converted “Earthshaker” {Hellcannon to be converted to be more mortar-ish}

1 scratchbuilt Eruption Gun

6 Bull Centaurs {1 has it’s body converted}

a unit of almost thirty slaves built from Night Goblins, ghouls, flaggelants, and a converted Troll.

{Pictures of everything except the sneaky gits and slaves can be found here http://s1003.photobucket.com/albums/af156/khedyarl/Chaos%20dwarfs/ {giant pictures makes my minis look like I painted them with a squeegee :frowning: :

I’m looking for 350 + shipping, or best offer for the above lot.  Let me know via PM, or email {cdveitch@shaw.ca}

Thanks, guys!