[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs from Chaos Marines


Here are the pics I promised. They are still in the works. Please forgive the poor quality of pics. The CD stand slightly taller the a normal dwarf and shorter than a human.




I think he needs a beard, without one he’s just a smaller space marine.


i suggest adding a beard to make it look more like a dwarf and less liek a squat


Looks a bit like a Chaos Squat. Might be useful to have a model next to it so we can see the scale also.


Their will be curly beards, don’t worry about that! I do realize they look like squats ,but thats kind of what im going for.


I think tiny beards like the red haired Ironbreaker would look great, and some kind of respiration tubes coming out from the place where the backpack should have been.

The shield is awsome though!


- Kyte


I like the idea of a chaos-squat type look. I actually toyed with the notion of using necrons as a basis for converting a CD army (very briefly tho!). These guys do need something to make them stand out as dwarfs tho (beyond being short).