[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs- Gunline problem?


I’m a Dwarf player, starting my own Chaos Dwarf army. One problem with Dwarves is that you get complaints of “gunline”. A strength of Dwarves is their strong missile troops & warmachines. It helps make up for the poor movement, initiative, flee/pursue,etc.

In my regular 2K Dwarf list usually have about 20 missile troops and 2 or 3 warmachines. IMHO that is not a gunline. BUt I’ve seen worse lists.

I’ve seen some Chaos D
warf lists with 30 Blunderbusses & 6 warmachines in 2K! My question is this- Do you have problems with your Chaos Dwarf lists being called “gunlines”?


I think most experienced CD players just instinctively know when they are getting dangerously close to cheesing a list.

I’ve never had any of mine called a gunline, but I have had people tell me the CD list itself is broken (to which my reply is usually that that is GW’s fault and not mine).

Pyro Stick:

Ive not played my list enough to get any complaints about it but i do use 30 blunderbuss (2x15) and about 2 death rockets. And 4 bt. Might start to use 2 earthshakers.

Kera foehunter:

Wow 2 ranks of 15 heck that 1/4 of the board.

Lord Zarkov:

It’s the 'shakers people complain about, not the BBs. I’ve used 30BBs many a time and no one’s batted an eyelid, even with 3 BTs; but when you put the second 'shaker in they start to get annoyed.


when you put the second 'shaker in they start to get annoyed.

Lord Zarkov
And rightly so.
Having to move your toy soldiers around at half pace is no fun.


yes - those potential slaves should be showing their double time capacities!


Tell them to write GW if they don’t like the list, not our fault they haven’t updated it…


agreed with willmark

Uzkul Werit:

I would say it is possible to do a gunline, just not in the traditional sense. Aside from bows, the Chaos Dwarfs lack any proper long range missile troops (aside from trashy Bowmen). This is negated by the typical Lv4/Lv2/Lv2/Lv2 set up.


I myself arn’t a huge fan of the blunderbusses. Love the heck outta the earthsakers, though. Like was said before me, it isn’t my fault they’re one of the best warmachines out there, I didn’t come up with the rules. I would, however, be more than happy to see a new CD army list written for us, even if it means “correcting” the mightiness of the best of the best.


Kera foehunter:

well im afraid if the make a new list they would make us a weak army. G w is a empire and elf loving place now. They never let the chaos win over there good guys

Servant of Chaos:

I know a person who, no matter what army I play, calls it cheesy. It doesn’t matter what it is, he finds fault with it. I tried playing incredibly soft beastmen, just for fun, not to win. I’m talking 5 herds, 3 centigors, and a giant. No minos or anything. And he called that list broken. So of course he finds everything about the dawi zharr wrong. And I don’t even take hobgoblins or bts. So I guess all I’m ranting about is that despite what you do with them, people generally won’t like it. All you can do is have fun while playing and ignore all of their stupid comments.


servant of chaos it looks like you are just unfortunate to have one of those type of opponents.

as far as im concerned i switched to chaos dwarfs to get away from the whole gunline thing, so im going for pretty much all infantry and not many war machines (at the moment). im sure the fact that i will have tough chaos dwarf warriors supported by a regiment of black orcs and lots of flanking hobgoblins will make people complain as well.

notice how it would be someone from bugmans to bring their everlasting discussion into our sacred lands!!! thankfully we have shown the open mindedness of chaos and havent started arguing like washerwomen about the whole idea.


I look at it this way. Amongst my friends I’m not gonna cheese out my army. I play fair and balanced. If I go to a store, my goal is to wipe the floor with the snot nose punk I’m playing. Sure there are some cool people at the stores, but those are as rare as a shower for the trench coat wearing crowd that infestates said establishment.

The best was the last time a played a tyranids player in 40k. His jaw dropped when he saw my basic troops: 4 units of 10 tactical marines, missile launchers to boot, so for reference that’s 36 bolters for just the tactical marines. Sported auto cannons on the dreads and proceeded to mow down said bugs with extreme prejedious. Mixed in a few lascannons to take out the carnifex and hive tyrant. Needless to say he wasn’t happy when his bugs never even got close to combat.

Serves him right against armies like the nids in 40k or Woodies in WFB is never cheesy; any tactics against said armies. The deserve whatever gets thrown their way.


chaos dwarfs have gunlines? only thing we have in blunderbusses, there very effective but against cav were hopeless in my opinion thats why we need to employ bolt throwers,

my gun consists of 2 units of 15 blunderbusses and a unit of lead belchers,


Its not like we cant be cheesed out but who takes two ES and lots of BTs or DRs when your playing friends ,enemies on the other hand:hashut

Being english tournie play is with the traitor dwarf book so i will be a gunline for once;)

Most lists are broken to some people,all have ways of utilising cheese to a greater or lesser degree:hat


Amongst my friends I'm not gonna cheese out my army. I play fair and balanced. If I go to a store, my goal is to wipe the floor with the snot nose punk I'm playing.

Words to live by :cheers


While Blunderbusses are powerful, they are short ranged and move or fire. Also Dwarves of any kind aren’t known for their swiftness(M3).

It seems “Western” Dwarves can field more long range firewpower like Thunderers/Quarrellers.

Kera foehunter:

Wow to cheese out your friends .What make them come back and play if you alway win???