[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs in WAR!?!?!?!



Check out this video from Warhammer Online, and remember to look closely to the background right before and after the squig eats a meal :wink:



Thats right, you saw NOT ONE, but TWO Hellcannons in all their 3D animated glory!! Will perhaps the crews be included in the game, as Chaos Dwarf NPC’s??? Very Exciting prospect, to be sure, and talk about widespread exposure if that is the case.

I know you all love me right now, but try to keep the praise to a minimum :wink:


Knight Of Awsome:

Very cool, now if the whole thing would load!!!:mad


Wow, incredible video! I see the hellcannons and I knew they were in the game, the question is, who is manning them? In past art for WAR, I saw Marauders manning them (blasphemy), but in this video you can almost make out a small hulking person running between the hellcannons as they come into focus. Should be interesting to see them if they have been made.


I can almost hear the nerdgasms as people watch those elves face off against each other.

Ghrask Dragh:

What an awesome trailer! always good to see these things about the warhammer world (can’t wait for battlemarch on the 360, 12th september over here!) might have look into WAR a little closer after this!

:cheers Vex’


If only they were playable, if only. Also noticed that marauders were crewing them, unless the little stunties were hard to spot, i’ll have to watch again.

@ HB: Those clumsy chaos brutes should not dare come near our great machines, lest they stand stupefied by our great work!

(cryonicleech sobs uncontrollably due to the lack of playable Chaos Dwarves)

Kera foehunter:

real cool i like the chaos cannons. Well wasn’t the guy that the elf shot a little small for a chaos warrior ??? and check out the beard.


That… Was… Awsome…


Nice bit of footage, good effects to boot. There is definately a squat figure running between the cannons…i hope it’s not an orc

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Although you think the squig eats the gobbo, he doesn’t. He just holds him in his mounth hmf! it should have eaten him!

I really like the Dwarf :wink: Just drinkin’ beer while the human and elf are being seriously as the chaos guy walks in.

I’m not sure about the Chaos Dwarfs, but I sure would find it plain lame if such a warmachine would be manned with manlings. I don’t even think the lesser CD engineers get close to it, let alone a man.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i paused it and saw maruders at the hellcannon they might just be there to guard it? but that what i saw sorry :frowning:

but the moive was great is it just me or does the female DE get littler clothing every time i see them:P


Yeah, I don’t remember the exact type, but Chaos humans of some sort man the in-game Hellcannons. :frowning:

Ghrask Dragh:

That sucks!!!

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I can almost hear the nerdgasms as people watch those elves face off against each other.

LMAO Cornixt. Nerdgasms!? lol. the elves were awesome, lame ponytail on the high elf though.

I definitely had to pause it so it could load, otherwise it sounded like "uh-oh-ie-ah-ug-he" lol

Hashut’s Blessing:

Damn you, Vexxus. I watched this yesterday but couldn’t come onto CDO :stuck_out_tongue: There has been an incarnation (in the depths and bowels of the website) where CDs HAVE dwarfed it… Well, they wouldn’t man it! Also, I think the marauders are manning it because it is part of a siege and, in-game, I believe you can control the cannons…

Cryonicleech: I didn’t post it :smiley:


Sorry to tell you guys, but I played in the beta. In the empire place, you get to see some hellcannons which happen to be crewed by chaos guys. it is really unfortunate, and I think that should be changed, its almost like a slap to the face for chaos dwarf players.

Kera foehunter:

god bob !! the D e where just as much as they alway did sorry !!!


Saw it too, it´s definitely marauders crewing the hellcannon.

Love the way the LoC looks, very menacing.

@Kera: That´s a marauder, not a Chaos warrior.


I think the Tier 4 stuff still falls under the NDA. :wink:

Kera foehunter:

well i see i have to steal one of those new style gattlin gun that dwarf was shooting up them orc up with