[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs in Warmaster?


For anyone who loves this particular set of rules, do you know of any work, official or otherwise, towards a Chaos Dwarf list or models? I only ask because I recently got back into Warmaster and remembered it was written in 5th ed where CDs were still a stocked army and the Citadel Journals and other non-corperate bastions were still going strong, so its as likely we’d be in there as any of the specialist games. Any pics of converted models appreciated


It was written yes, but as far as I remember it didnt get to be released until after 6th edition. Or it was very close to 6th edition methinks. Ive never heard of any rules for the CD in Warmaster and certainly no models. Sorry.

- Tallhat


We did have that link to some cool models that are non-GW. A search int he forums would prbably find it. :wink:


I remember seeing a CD list for Warmaster, although I don’t remember if it was official or just a fan written thing.

You may want to search on HoH as well (it may have been there).


These are the models:


Then click onto 15mm and then onto fantasy and you’ll see an example of their ‘Dark Dwarves’


Not bad, but I think I’ll stick to conversions


Meh… Not a fan of those tbh.

- Tallhat