[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs + Lots and Lots more!


Hey guys.  I haven’t been on here much recently (maybe why I am selling my CD stuff…)  I’ve posted all this on TWHF but thought you guys might like to see the CD and goblin stuff too so, I’m open to any and all offers, and trades for Vampire Counts.

25 Titan Wargames Royal Guard (undercoated/part painted, on cork bases) £37

1 Titan Wargames Overlord (undercoated) £3

1 Titan Wargames BSB (Undercoated)£2

1 Titan Wargames Musician (undercoated) £2

4 x Alterntive Warmachine (can easily be converted to Magma Cannon/Hell Cannon, 3 on sprue) £5 each

40 Westwind Slayer Dwarfs (based and undercoated, 5 painted) (used as hobgoblin slaves) £30

1 Dwarf Army book £10

Orcs and Goblins Army Book (Small greasy stain on top right corner, see picture, perfectly good condition otherwise)

Full Set of Skaven from IOB (No bases, most still on sprue)

Warhammer Giant

40 Night Goblin Spearmen (painted to a decent tabletop standard, 1 netter)

86 Night Goblin Spearmen (various statuses, some naked, some undercoated)

54 Night Goblin Archers (BFSP, unpainted)

24 Night Goblins + 3 archers (unpainted, no arms. Archery arms and command sprues provided for about 20 goblins)

22 Night Goblin Squig Hoppers (various degrees of painting, most stripped)

1 Night Goblin Lord on Giant Squig

1 Mangler Squig seperated on to 2 bases. (unpainted, both just glued to base. All extra sprues of bits provided)

2 Old Goblin Chariots (only two goblins with)

1 Converted Goblin Lord on Giant Wolf

Lots and Lots of BFSP Command models

8 Plastic Netters

2 Metal Squig Herders

12 Marauder Goblin Wolf Riders

4 Very old Squigs

3 Plastic Fanatics

1 Metal Fanatic

Here are links to the images! Please have a look and send me a message if you have any interest in anything.



I have an alternative bret army for sale, 95% unpainted.

24 Knights of the Realm (Perry Miniatures Mounted Men At Arms) (Glued and not undercoated)

8 Grail Knights (Fireforge Games Teutonic Knights) (Undercoated, 3 part painted)

BSB (Fireforge Games Teutonic Knight)

Lord (Fireforge Games Teutonic Knight)

3 Damsels (Perry Miniatures mounted female archers, two on Teutonic Knight Horses)

9 Peg Knights (Rackham(sp??)Confrontation angels) (need bases and unpainted)

2 Metal LOTR Trebuchets (One Stripped, one undercoated, no gondor crew)

10 Crew (Still on sprue, Perry Miniatures War of Roses infantry)

30 Archers (Perry Miniatures War of Roses infantry) (Unpainted)

1 Bret army book in great condition

I’ll be uploading some images shortly if you would like to see any.

I’d like offers around £130 for this.


pm sent regarding Royal Guard


i may be interested in the alternative warmachines.

do you have any pics of them?


i may be interested in the alternative warmachines.
do you have any pics of them?

Sure! I'm just at work now but ill post them later. I think they are com