[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs MSU?


I have seen that some posters around here have at least considerd a MSU aproch with the evil stunties. I’m myself considering it, and wanted to see what other pepole have had for experiances with the concept.

I like the idea to be more active in my playstyle not just castle up and let the magma cannons do all the talking.

For those that dont know MSU means multiple small units. You build your army to esentially win in the deployment and movment phases of the game.

By having more units you try to use them to force the opponent to fight on your terms, by simply outmanovering them or luring them in to traps.

Being flanked by 2 smaller units at the same time will make most oponents break a sweat.

Obviously just moving around wont win you games, you will want to have hitty units that are able to grind down your opposition.

(Bha I suck explaining things, hopefully some one better versed in both tactics and english can pick up if I screwd up to much).

Now looking at the CD’s LoA List we have acsess to most things. Maybe not as fast as the elven races, but we have things they dont have to make up for it.

My main concern is that CD’s are quite expensive pointwise. This will mean more expensive units and less off them. You could solve it by adding Hobgoblins, but they have some drawbacks to. But can easily serve as cannonfoder, big plus that no one cares if they die either (well exept them that is).

Well getting to the point I’m just curios for pepole that have tried it to share what they’ve come up with.

Personlly I had a couple of trial games against my brothers LM, both turned out pretty well for me. But then neither of us are what you would call tactical geniusses.

After those games and some tweaking I’m considering a list more like this.


Lv4, Great Taurus, 4+ward, charmed shield


3x Hobgoblin cheiftans, wolf, spear, shield


3x12 Warriors, GW, Musican, Standard


3 Bullcentaurs, GW, Standard

2x4 Kdaai fireborn

2 Death rocket


Kdaai Destroyer

Comes to 2400 points exactly.

Many things that I could change for the better here I belive, but being rusty in the gaming department and somewhat limited in what I can take this is what I came up with.

Would love to see what others have come up with or toughts about the concept in general.


I’m not a huge fan of MSU but thats just me. but those Kadaai Fireborn wont survive in small units for sure.

giantsquig :

those Kadaai Fireborn wont survive in small units for sure.

Second this. I used a unit of six last night and they Barely survived both games. Lots of points that could be spent elsewhere.

Groznit Goregut:

I agree that the Fireborn are too small individually. I’d say make one unit and it can be the juicy center that everyone guns for and be your anvil.

Or…you can scrap some/all for some more war machines. I’d think that a Magma cannon would be awesome in this type of a list.

Why not go with a unit of Hobgoblins instead of one unit of CD’s? You can get a lot of them for the points. Having them in the flanks gives them their flank bonus (or is that just the riders?).


I really like the direction you’re going.

I do see a few flaws in the MSU.

I’d save some points and make the K’daai into 1 unit of 6. Or 8 if you want to really pound things out, but that’s not MSU.
-theBull Centaurs would be better for a MSU. 3 packs of 4. Not as fighty, but many many threats.

For the dwarfs, Make one unit. Put the +1 movment banner on them. I’d just combine this at 24 or 25. That way, they can last in combat. Their poor I is the one drawback.

  Then use the leftover points for Hobgoblin Archer blocks of 20-30. They’re dirt cheap and more importantly, can kill chaff.

That’s what all MSU relies on. Dominiating the movement phase. If your K’daai are redirected/blocked all day, what do they matter.

Hobgoblin archers make a mess of most chaff: Eagles, Skinks, Maruader Horsemen, Ungors…you name it. Plus it adds some good versatility to your list.

  odd that you have just 3 Hobgoblin khans. A Bull Centaur hero would be great in MSU. he’s a threat all on his own.

You’re on to something.
Let us know the results!!


Ahh fun to see that more people then me might be intrested in this.

As I Said this list is limited to what I have availble at the moment, and to make my army playable a little bit faster.

When it Comes to the kdaai, I would more then likly rather have two units of four bullcentaurs with shields.
When it comes to the actual kdaais here I dont expect them to ever live past turn 3-4. Their job is just to hold the enemy in place for one turn to alow the rest of my units to get in position. Hopfully doing some damage at the same time. If I find that they can do that reliably with just three I will decrease their sieze. Remeber the new faq dont allow overrun from crumble either.

When it comes to the warriors I think they prolly would do better with hw/s kepping cost down allowing for more hobgobs and making them sturdier for grinding. Another alternative might be fireglaives, but I think I prefer them cheap and marching.

And I agree two units off 20 hobgoblin archers would prolly be ideal, just that cd high costs makens it hard for me to include all I want. Not to mention I dont own any… Yet.

And yes a tauruk operating on his own makes a lot of sense, a imitation of bm doombull.

Not to sure about the GT either. Could get a bsb or tauruk instead of him. But he is pretty versitaile, but also a major risk of getting shot to death if not carful.

sorry made this post on my phone while babysiting, will edit when I get back Home.


That’s a very small army. You sure you got the point right?


Yes the points should be spot on. The prophet and Destroyer just eats up those points very quickly. Come spring time when I have gottten the chanse to try this list out. I’m more then likly gonna drop the lv4, he seems to expensive.

You could go with a Lv2, Tauruk and 3 khaans in hero selection. or one khan 1 bsb and get some wolfboys.

As I said havent gotten that much hands on experience yet, numbers and ideas are pretty much just swirling around just now. Kdaai are giving me a real headache, so many varibels.

Was thinking of posting some ideas and stuff later, but at the moment I got to much RL stuff to handle. Se if I can get it done tonight.

Groznit Goregut:

Your cheapest method of building Hobgoblins are to buy bitz and go with that. You can buy torsos and arms a lot cheaper than a regular box. There are three box sets that most people use for making cheap Hobgoblins:

-Dark Elf Corsairs

-Storm Vermin

-Mantic Orcs

I’ve been using the Mantic Orc torsos as they are quite cheap, except they are designed for 25mm bases and I’ve been having some issues with making them rank up.

I think Hobgoblins are the way to go if you are doing MSU.