[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs must go trade or buy


I’m interested in the 8x Sneaky Gits and the Hobgoblin hero on wolf complete (barded wolf)
Do you have any pictures fo the models?

I don’t have any Hobbo’s for trade (as I’m looking for them myself! :P).
I’m willing to pay for them if that’s okay with you.


Kera foehunter:

i would like to know about the 2 bull centaur with axes.

Hobgoblin King:

imahobgoblin, I am interested in buying the 12 archers if you PM me with costs and method of payment we can make this happen.


Hobgoblin King:

I managed to trade my right arm for some hobgoblins and so am not as desperate as I once was, I have decided to keep my painted stuff realizing each model took about 4 hours to paint and is important for the army if they do get rereleased.

I still have (All unpainted) for trade

2 bull centaurs

1 hero on barded wolf with quiver and bow

5 plastic poorly painted warriors

4 primed sneaky gits

1 earthshaker cannon painted OK-good

I am still interested in hobgoblin axemen and archers trade or buy.

PM me for trades and sales.