[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs Online Petition


Here is a petition to sign if you want a revisited, tournament legal army list so that we can use Chaos Dwarfs in the Warhammer Grand Tournaments.

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Please, everybody sign up! email addresses can be kept private if you wish.

Tell your friends, spread the word!


This should specify that these are UK GTs.

Otherwise it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and GW US, and Canada, etc, will be all, WTF? We do allow them…


This should specify that these are UK GTs.

Otherwise it doesn't make a lot of sense, and GW US, and Canada, etc, will be all, WTF? We do allow them...

Yes, you're right. I did originally put it in as UK GTs, but then I thought that it would put none UK gamers off from signing. Has GW US/Canada etc. guaranteed that they will continue to allow CDs to be used?

I can't change it now it's submitted unfortunately.


They can still be used in Canada. To my knowledge, they have never issued such “guarantees” as you put it, for any army…


How come we only have 4 signatures, we have nearly 400 members?!?! 25 of those have looked at this page! pull your fingers out people


Signed out of pure anger at the GT. :hashut

- Tallhat


I signed. Me being #10 isn’t reassuring.


I signed. Me being #10 isn't reassuring.

early days yet. spread the word!!


YES i am number 13 my lucky number :slight_smile:

C’mon everybody sign up


Although I am not a fan of the wording, I am sure I will sign it.


Signed, #15… Every little bit helps I guess.


have signed now!���� FOR HASHUT! :hat off

#14 btw

Lava Lord:

:hat off and it continues, #17 is listed. Hashut be praised!!!:hat off


Who’s signed as thorek the immortal? we need REAL names for this to work!! come on people, we’re on 17 now, we need lots, lots more.

Spread the word


Added mine.


hello! I have now posted the link to the two biggest forum on Norway!

hopefully, some more therefrom will sign:cheers

FOR HASHUT! :hat off


Love the signature Ingrown Thanx. Not got many slaves, but 3 of them on their way to you now bro!



I think petitions are a complete and utter waste of time (especially to GW).

However, i’ve been wrong before so I signed it on the offchance :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

Signed it. It makes no odds to me, to be honest, but obviously it’s important to other people and I guess if people are seeing tournaments as the ‘official’ way to play (something I fundamentally disagree with) then that’ll affect the way Chaos Dwarfs are perceived by the gaming community as a whole.


I signed��it, and good chap I am, i’m going to advertise it elsewhere, considering the work that some people on this site alone have put into their chaos dwarf armies it just strikes me as stupid that GW would ban their use at tournaments…