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This is for events that might not allow CD, and some alternative ideas to representing them. While Dwarfs would be easier due to same base size, I think WoC would be a more interesting route. Partially because they’re a book on par with today, but also with the options they have.

This isn’t to say I dislike the CD rules, I actually enjoy the CD rules.

It’d probably be best to find a basing system where you can attack your CD on 20’s to bases that are 25’s so you are the proper base size and can swap out when wanting to play true CD.

Here’s a base run down of what I am thinking.

Keep the marks simple. A mish mash of marks should be avoided as it will be harder for your opponent to be able to understand which is which. Either go Monogod… or have “the exception” (IE: Bull Centaurs as Knights might have a different mark then the rest)… however monogod would be easiest.

Great Taurus = ??

Lammasu = ??

Characters are pretty much Lord for Lord, Hero for Exalted. Sorc for sorc. Bull Centaur characters would probably be mounted characters.

Hobgoblins: Marauders (mounted or foot)

Chaos Dwarf Warriors: Chaos Warriors (not sure which mark would be best for a fit)

Bull Centaurs: Chaos Knights

Black Orcs: Forsaken is what I’m thinking

Chaos Dwarf “Immortals”… while not officially a unit, they are often talked about amongst CD players as being a possible addition if CD are redone. These would be a good choice for Chosen, and they should probably look significantly different.

Sneaky Gits: Ummm… I have no idea.

Ogres: Actually fairly fitting for a CD army. Using the regular Ogres Kingdoms Ogres… perhaps with a little conversion work (give them curly beards?) to show they’re affiliated with your army… and you have Chaos Ogres… and can easily justify them having Chaos Armor as the CD make the armor.

Hellcannon could be the actual thing (as it is a CD crew) or the Earthshaker, or Death Rocket.

What do you guys think about this concept?

Thommy H:

The manticore is a very close fit for a Taurus or Lammasu. Hounds with poisoned attacks for Sneaky Gitz? Wrong bases, but I’m always sceptical about how hard and fast the rules on bases are (since there’s nothing about it in the Rulebook or Armies books).


Swiss - now this is getting scarey,

I was talking to someone about doing this and attending this years UK GT with my CD as a WOC army.

You would need to use something like these movement trays whihc upsize the bases (Base 1 Conversion Trays from Battlezone Miniatures - Battlezone Miniatures) for it to be legal

The Taurus would be a good manticore substitute  - not sure about the lammasu as I dont have the WOC book in front of me and cant rememeber what mount options they have.

Thommy H:

Well, this topic comes up approximately three hundred times a month, so it’s not that spooky.


you can also use the lamassu and taurus as dragons.


Ubertechie… I’m calling the local priest just in case. Though knowing him, he’d probably be to busy checking out the cool figures to perform an exorcism on my computer…

Excellent find on the bases too.

I was thinking Manticore, as I was thinking it was similar to Griffon, but wasn’t entirely sure.

@Thommy: Even so, I go by the philosophy of “better safe then sorry”, plus it’d probably be seen as sportsmanlike.

While I love the CD rules, I also like the WoC rules. I just don’t like the WoC faction (well as close to a faction as it is).

I suppose with WoC rules you could say the guy on your Taurus is a caster, and simply justify it as the Sorc thought the Taurus was cooler. On the other hand as, off the top of my head, you can only get one in the army… you could use it as a Lammasu too… it’d just be a Lammasu on steroids or “mechanically enhanced” from a steam punkish viewpoint.

I’m keeping this idea on the table as there is an event or two I might want to go to that might not let me use CD rules, and I’d loathe to use regular Dwarf rules… and I want to push my Oath as far as it can go.


Well, this topic comes up approximately three hundred times a month, so it's not that spooky.

Thommy H
Thommy - topic itself wasnt spooky - just the fact that Swiss and I seem to be posting / speaking about the same things at the same time :hat

Thommy H:

Yes, but everyone’s thinking it because this topic comes up all the time…it’s like saying it’s spooky that you both have heads.

Anyway, a Manticore is close enough to a Lammasu that you can just count it as one, I’d say. It has more attacks, but given that your Sorcerer in this scenario has three Attacks and a 4+ armour save too, I don’t think it’s that big a deal. I’d drop taking Marks too, because the basic troops are already above and beyond ordinary Dwarfs, so you hardly need more buffs.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

it's like saying it's spooky that you both have heads

Two heads are better than one...especially on the same body! LOL!

This seems like a good plan Swiss. I just wonder if the Lammasu and Great Taurus could be substituted as a mutated Demon or Chaos Giant according to the rules.

Thommy H:

You could use them as anything you want, but given that they’re ridden monsters in the Chaos Dwarf list, and there already exists a ridden monster in the Chaos list with almost identical stats, it would seem a little pointless to treat them as anything else. Manticore = Taurus is pretty much the only substitution that wouldn’t require a lengthy explanation.


I think the Uncontrollable rule fits the Taurus rather well :slight_smile: you could just imagine it itching to charge.


I think the Uncontrollable rule fits the Taurus rather well :) you could just imagine it itching to charge.

I never even though of that point. That's a really good point! Very cool too.

It's somewhat why I like the idea of using Forsaken rules for Black Orcs. I tend to play my Orcs very aggressively as it is very fitting, and usually works rather well. So as much as I hate frenzy at times, it might just be wort it. Now I just need to practice dealing with frenzy baiting.


I’ve also been toying with the idea of using the WoC list for CDs at this years grand tournie, if only so I can build a Kollossus :cheers

I even made a thread somewhere.

Currently thinking of:

CD Lord on Daemonic Engine/mechanical bull as a Juggernaut rider

Manticore as Taurus, as already mentioned

CDs/Immortals as Chaos Warriors (obviously)

Slaves as Marauders (using their chains as flails)

Wolf Riders as Horsemen

Wolves with a Hobgoblin handler as Chaos Hounds

Tenderiser or something similar as Chariot

Bull Centaurs as Chaos Knights/Dragon Ogres

Maybe even Golems as Ogres

Kollossus as Giant/Shaggoth/Kolek Suneater

A venerable Sorcerer who has turned to stone mounted on a palanquin as a War Shrine

Hellcannon as itself

Plenty of ideas that would work :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

I’d keep Ogres as Ogres - they’d fit in fine with a modern Chaos Dwarf list, since Ogres who fight with Chaos Warriors apparently get outfitted by Chaos Dwarfs on their way to the Realm of Chaos.


Boggronor: That’s a brilliant idea for a warshrine!

It really like we could fit really nicely in those rules. The Ogres should be OK Ogres as they’re cheaper and just need a curly beard, and appropriate head gear to work. If ambitious scale mail armor. Folks on the forum have done that.

Helm or Mask ogres would be an interesting sight as I seem to remember all the Ogres being Hat.



Helm/mask ogres would be easier fro

the metal chaos ogres as they are already wearing a fair amount of armour


On the basing issue I was under the impression that the base that came with the model was the legal base and anything bigger was also okay. For example if i wanted to play a daemon prince i could play him with the 40mm he came on or a 100mm that i made. Also has a side not Tommy H. you are awesome, i’m never eally sure if you are angry or sarcastic in every post. The adjective to describe you will be angcastic.

Thommy H:

Also has a side not Tommy H. you are awesome, i'm never eally sure if you are angry or sarcastic in every post. The adjective to describe you will be angcastic.


exactly my point.

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Does anyone know the official grand tournaments ruling on base size? and if they’d allow 20mms to be converted to 25mm by using the appropriate size movement tray. Any idea?