[Archive] Chaos dwarfs Vs Lizard Men

Mad Dave:

Hi guys

Anyone got any tips for Vs LizardMen ive got a 2500pts game coming up and as ive never faced them before some tips would be good.


Hellbound warmachines aiming for the fat floating toad.

Mad Dave:

is that the slan toad/mage/priest thingy looks like a reject from starship troopers?

as you can probly tell i know buggar all about lizard men.


Yeah the Slann is the big fat nasty thing on the floating throne, the Hellbound warmachines are all magical attacks and will fry him.


nuff said ^^


Really though the panic tests caused by warmachines will do little due to cold blooded and depending on how they play they could go for the less seen swarm of skinks or the huge death stars of saurus and temple guard with slann. Swarm is easier to beat while the death stars are nigh on impossible to destroy if the slann takes life (which he 99.9% likely will) although this all depends on the scenario you play

i would say take a lvl 4 sorcerer prophet on a bale taurus with death and kill the slann as quickly as possible, hellbound may help as well but all i can say is good luck because from my experiences of lizardmen, you’ll need it

those are my thoughts :hat off

Mad Dave:

I dont think its going to be scenario but i might be wronge. Also What do you mean by DeathStars could you explain the term please as its a new one to me.


Get the Destroyer in contact with the Saurus block (especially if the Slann is also in there). Assist by casting Ash Storm on the unit. Smile as the Lizardmen player grumbles about broken Chaos Dwarfs…

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Ash Storm is the Slann-killer.  Typically you cast Ash Storm upon a unit and the Wizard just leaves the unit during his magic phase and keeps on casting.  Slann’s are locked in their unit; cast on his Temple Guard and he’s literally shut down.

Grimbold Blackhammer


Your destroyer will be very vulnerable to skink poison just from sheer numbers of dice rolled, so keep him central and get him into combat asap.


Lizardmen were the first army i considered collecting and i can tell you that you need to be prepared for attrition. Lizardmen (in my opinion) are made to soften you up before you get into combat and grind you down the rest of the way before you get there.

You would be well off to put in some hellbound death shriekers to 1)take out that slann as soon as you can and 2) take out those stegadons 3) take out any and all skink resistance.

Fireglaives are the way to go as this is the only army in the game that you will face that you have a chance of striking first on.

Lore of metal might be worth taking as saurus and stegadons have a pretty good armor save to work with.

I would almost suggest going with double hellcannons over the destroyer as those poison attacks will make you pay even when you are prepared for them so why not sit back and lob some S5(10) goodness at those cold blooded buggers. Then move them up late in the game.

All in all, your target priority list should be:

1)skinks with blowpipes (to clear away the poison threat and they will be the easiest to break/destroy)

2) Stegadons and any other shooting they may have (razordons and salamanders can cause some damage and that is no joke)

3) Slann and sauraus blocks (they will move the slowest and be in the biggest blocks so should be easy targets)

If you go lore of Hashut and get ash storm the above will be pretty managable, i would hesitate to bring any form of K’daai mainly because slann can bring lore of light and that is something you do not want; nor to you want to make that engine of the gods get a bead on anything classed deamonic.

Either way the more of them you can take out before close combat comes around will benefit you greatly.

Mad Dave:

thank you for all the advise guys im just putting the finshing bits to my army list now.

Mad Dave:

Just want to say another thank you for all the replys the tips worked and i won the game another victory for the Mad Hatter Army!