[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs vs Skaven 1000pts


The lists looked as Follows:

The Black Watch 1000pts                      Clan Digdig 1000pts

Deamonsmith                                       Cheiftan

General, Charmed Shield                        General, HA, Sheild

Infernal Castellan                                 Cheiftan

bsb, Shrieking Blade, enchanted sheild  bsb, warp-gale banner, HA

21 Infernal Guard                                  Warplock Engineer        

Standard, Champ, Blunderbusses           Doom Rocket

3 Bull Centaur Renders                          Warplock Engineer

Champion, Extra Hand Weapons                

                                                           30 Skaven Slaves

Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher              FC, shield, spears

Death Shrieker Rocket Launcher

                                                           30 Skaven Slaves

                                                           FC, shield, Spears

                                                           23 Clan Rats

                                                          fc, spear, shield, doomflayer                                          

                                                         3 Warplock Jazzails

                                                         3 Warplock Jazzails

                                                         Doom Wheel

                                                         Warp Lightning Cannon

The fluff is there was a recent meteor shower and confirmed impacts to the south of the Black Fortress.  The garrison of a small watch post has been tasked with keeping the site clear until it can be excavated by forces from the Fortress proper.  Meanwhile, Clan Digdig has been tasked by the council to harvest the same deposit and has sent an advance party to scout and secure the area.


Clan Digdig marches its right flank forward as well as the Doom Wheel, the a unit of Jazzails fires at a Death Shrieker causing a wound and the other as well as the Warp Lightning Cannon fires at the Infernal Guard taking out 4 between the two of them.


The Bull Centaurs march forward to avoid the Doom-Wheel and get a charge off next turn.  No magic gets through, one Death Shrieker fires a Demolition Rocket at the Doom Wheel and destroys it the other fires at the Warp Lightning Cannon (I re-roll the artillery dice for some reason and miss).


Clan Digdig’s infantry march forward. The Jazzails cause 2 wounds on the Bull Centaurs between the two of them.  A Warplock Engineer fires his Doom Rocket and only kills 1 Infernal Guard while the Warp Lightning Cannon undershoots.


He activates the Warp Gale Banner. Bull Centaurs charge the Jazzails who fail to wound on their stand and shoot reaction. I get Flaming Sword of Rhuin on a Death Shrieker and am able to roll a 4 on the other.  One fires a the Warp Lightning Cannon and the other on Clan Rat unit, 2 direct hits later sees the WLC and 11 Clan Rats bite the Dust. I smash the Jazzails in combat and overrun but not far enough to reach the other Jazzail unit.


The Warp gale ends and the Skaven forces move march forward and prepare to charge the next turn. The Jazzails fire at the Bull Centaurs causing a wound and causing them to panic (actually a pretty good result for me all things considered).


The Bull Centaurs rally and the Infernal Guard fire at the slaves in front of them (get 1 shot a piece)  and take out 6. One Death Shrieker fires at the Clan Rat Unit taking out 9 more Clan Rats while the other fires on the Slave Rat unit but misses (I forgot the second scatter doesn’t require you to roll the scatter dice).


The Skaven Slaves fail their charge and move 1 inch forward loosing another 6 in the S&S reaction (1 shot apiece again) but don’t panic. The Doom-Flayer makes its charge and everything else moves up to threaten my left flank.  The Jazzails cause another wound to the Renders.  My Infernal Castellan makes way and causes the Doom-Flayer to fail its fear test, he then kills it after its impact hits kill one of my own. They reform to face the oncoming rat hordes.


The Renders charge the Slaves who elect to hold. I get Flamming Sword off on the Infernal Guard once more who fire at the Clan Rat unit and get the magical 3 shots a model; between them and a Death Shrieker the unit evaporates general, bsb and all.  The other fires at the unengaged Slave unit taking out 12 and causing them to panic away. The Renders do what they do best and Rend the Slave unit who explode and cause a wound to the Renders.


Slaves fail to rally while the Jazzails fire at the Renders causing a wound and killing another Render but the remaining makes its panic test.


The Infernal Guard quick Reform and move forward, while the Remaining Render moves behind them.  I get Flamming Sword off on a Death Shrieker and fire off on the Skaven Slaves and Jazzail unit (i remember the scatter rules this time).  Long Story Short the remaining Skaven units panic off of the board.