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Ancient History:

By the Brass Balls of Hashut, that is an astoundingly well-modded army.


Good battle report.

Thanks for posting it.


Interesting read - i think that if earthshakers had been used this may have been even more one sided

Groznit Goregut:

Thanks for the battle report! I like the whole format of it (even if some of the words were hard to read). The pictures were good.

Why did the Taurus Lord only get into two combats? I’ve always found that a lord on flying monster needs to get into combat as much as possible to get it’s points back. The whole breath weapon doesn’t seem like it would be worth not getting into combat for.


A big reason why he only got into two combat is because Marcus is a master General and the taurus would have died almost instantly. What we did over the first couple of turns is set charge traps that would reults in the charger getting killed. Most of my warriors have 3 str 6 attacks at WS5 each and still have a 4+ armor save. Any combat I’m in, I try to kill the taurus. Had the Dragon Ogres rolled average on the last combat I would have killed the Taurus and auto broke the dwarf lord and force panic checks on the two big blocks of troops on the last turn. The mistake when view Marcus’ army is to think it is soft and it isn’t. He has a knack for getting them most out of his lists. His Chaos Dwarf army in the report went undefeated for two years, with new books it wins something like 80% of the games it plays in. He is a gamer and goes to tournaments all the time and goes undefeated there too. Comp has been the big reason why he hasn’t won some of the bigger tourney. At the hillbilly in 2007 Marcus’ chaos Dwarf won every game big and this is in a field of close to 200 players.

As far as I kno Earth shaker cost more than Death rockets. I have played them before and done much better against them. The key with guess weapons is how well you can guess distances. One of the frustating things about this game is that not a single guess range was even slightly off.

Kera foehunter:

Speedy that is the best report i ever seen great job !!!


Nice looking armies and an enjoyable read! This is WoH worthy!


Are those Hobgoblins mounted on GENESTEALERS!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: HAHahahhaha nice!

Sargoth The Enslaver:

Dude whats up with the guys from 300rd man!