[Archive] chaos dwarfs vs. wood elves-how to lose?


Ok, not really how to lose, but my girlfriend wants to start playing Warhammer and has chosen WE as her army.
The good news is that she wants a forest spirit army so I will actually get some HTH in during the game.
I am wanting to teach her the game without discouraging her by smacking her around the table for 6 turns. My plan is to basically walk up and let her charge me, and then show her the importance of the flank and rear charges as she precedes to flank me. We will work on more from there, I also tried to take units that will use several of the special rules between us.
So here are the lists we are going to be using:
Chaos dwarf sorc             125
Lv.2, sob
20 warriors                      225
20 warriors                      225
12 blunderbusses             144
20 hobgoblins                   40
10 hobgoblins                   50
Bolt thrower                     30
bolt thrower                     30
6 bull centars                  126
                            total  974

branch wraith                           165
Lv.1, cluster, annoyince

10 glade guard                          120
10 dryad                                  120
5 glade riders/mus                     129

10 war dancers                         180

Treeman                                  285
                                  total     999
Any suggestions?
I have access to some warhawk riders, 10 more glade guard and a spell singer for WE, and 2 of each unit for CD, including units from the GT list. (blog coming soon!) My other army choices are DoC, and Ogre Kingdoms, but since 2010 is the year of the Chaos Dwarf for me, I really want to use them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say just don’t use an overpowered Chaos Dwarf army list and maybe try to ignore some of our mor eunique things (such as the blunderbusses). Unless, of course, you plan to play against her frequently using CDs. I say this because then you can play as normal (not overly competitively of course) and she is quite likely to win. It’s better to make it so that she doesn’t think you’ve LET her win as that can be patronising. However, CDs can be very weak against some styles ect, so just use that. My reasoning for no unique things that CDs have is to try to avoid her expecting such things appearing in armies that she is likely to see more of. Try to keep things simple by havaing no magic to begin with, maybe don’t use psychology at first either. Edge her into the game and try not to overload her as it has a LOT of rules.


Against a “normal” WE list you would have very little chance to kill anything at all - she should take an eagle and more archers - prevent you from march move, shoot the BC’s, eagle or glade rider kill bolts, thats it.


In order to encourage my wife in Warhammer I taught her all the tactics I knew. She beats me a good 75% of the time now. I basically gave her advice before each of her turns, different strategies should could use, allowing her to make the decisions and seeing how they worked. After about 4 games she had enough idea to be able to beat me pretty soundly with 6th ed DE (although I did construct her army list).


Awesome thanks for the replies.

My girl will be playing the CD fairly often, so I think the BB won’t be an issue. Thanks for the tip on not using pysche, my normal army is DoC, so I tend to not worry about it either way.

I might post a re-worked list with out magic, that might make it easier for the first game or 2.

Agin, thanks for the advice, I will definitely have to remember it when I go to teach her the game.

Hashut’s Blessing:

As cornixt said, always explain some options you can see and ask her if she sees any others, then explain which you personally would do and why, but the merits of the other options. The key thing is to go slowly and wait until she understands what’s going on before moving on. Patience will be the element you need to concentrate on most as a teacher. For those of us into wargaming, we’re used to knowing lots of things, but for newcomers, they have to learn everything at once and Fantasy has the most complex rules out of 40k, Fantasy, LotR and WotR.

Gar Shadowfame:

Use light calvary and hobgoblins, WE would kill em and you can put lots of points into them.


Thanks agin for all the advice, here is the list that I am thinking of based on the suggestions I have received.

Her List

branch wraith

10 glade guard

10 dryad

5 glade riders/mus

10 war dancers


My list

Chaos dwarf hero/ GW

20 warriors


12 blunderbusses

25 hobgoblins

10 hobgoblins


10 hobgoblin wolf riders

Bolt thrower

6 bull centars


Basically the same set of lists. I dropped all the magic, and extra stuff from the heros, but I didn’t count points on my end, I just went with one of each common unit as best I could.