[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs with Repeater Crossbows?


I was already planning on adding a unit of CD with crossbows to my list (called Impalers), but I thought the other day that repeater crossbows might be more appropriate?

Fluffwise they’re more mechanical, so fit in with our industrial background. They also have the potential to make up for the small numbers of the CD, much like the blunderbuss.

Good idea?


Would fit nicely. How do you picture the crossbows? As a choice for warriors or as a partcular unit?


As a seperate core unit.

Those are good designs.  I wasn’t sure whether to do them as the bottom syle (turn out too long in my experience), or more like the Dark Elf style?

Either way they would be based on the Dwarf plastics. Painted or modelled as black iron, more like the Uruk Hai ones.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I get the impression they are a little too Druchii-esque (if that makes sense), but maybe a mechanised crossbow (move&shoot, S4, 24" range, maybe armour piercing?). It’d make sense due to their lack of movement (always useful to be able to shoot someone whilst running and have it reload), but it’d also remove them from being the same as DEs. I originally considered black powder crossbows though…

I just get the impression that the repeater is a very finesse-oriented weapon, whereas the above options are more robust. However, I guess my first idea IS more practical as a repeater, but in a more robust manner… As in: it’d make more sense to have a “clip” of bolts, rather than dropping one in each time… It’s still a repeater, but more dwarf-like…

Kera foehunter:

well being a small group i think they by pass the cross bows unless they where a sniper and wanted stealth.

i think they would make more like a minni gun  lots of shot firing hot lead.

or rapit firing hand guns. more power for the bang

it might be good for the hobbos

i like the impalers idea now that be cool sorta of a spear firing bang stick or a hand held bolt thower


Seems a shame to make up new rules for something that already exists in a balanced form.

Of the three things there (+1S, Move and shoot and Armour Piercing) I’d be tempted to go for Move and Shoot, but I’d need to compare them to my rules for Blunderbusses:

Maximum Range: 16"

Strength: 4

Rules:  Blunderbusses are Armour Piercing, and have x2 multiple shots.  They do not suffer from the long range modifier, though all other penalties apply as normal.

How about:

Maximum Range: 24"

Strength: 3

Rules:  The mechanised Repeater Crossbow the Chaos Dwarfs use is as shown in the Warhammer Rulebook, but with the following exception; they are a Move and Shoot weapon.

I think this would provide a decent balance between the two weapons.  The added range from the repeater crossbow would give some much needed support, and the move and fire would allow them to attack.  This would support the short range of the blunderbuss, which would be much more deadly over short distances.

I’m not sure any additional rules are needed though to be honest.  Sure the Dark Elves use it, but they’re not the only ones who could design such a weapon. :idea


Perhaps to support the semi imposed weakness of a lack of long range missile weapons I should drop the repeater crossbow range to 20"?

For a points cost I was thinking 12pts, which includes heavy armour.  This would be fair I think if you dropped the range by 4" and included move and shoot.

And for comparison I was thinking 11 points per blunderbusser (including heavy armour).

Hashut’s Blessing:

I hadn’t read the rules for your blunderbuss, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned such a similar design. The thing that becomes apparent now is that you have two weapons that are x2 multiple shots. The other note is: Repeaters ARE Move&Shoot aren’t they?


Need to check my rulebook next time I find it ;)  I thought they were move or shoot…?

Anyone able to have a check?

Having two weapons that are x2 multiple shots isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There is sufficient difference between the two to be worthwhile I think. It would also give us a common theme for missile units, reinforcing it.

Hashut’s Blessing:

It sure would, but I was more thinking of people complaining of the gunline/cheese factor…