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Hello All,

Reading through Tamurkhan it states that CD characters can be taken in a WoC army as long as they’re not the army general and another WoC character is present in the list. But does this mean that Chaos Dwarfs have access to the WoC magic item list then when taking Chaos Dwarfs in a WoC army?

Looking at the character list for Chaos Dwarfs it simply states that characters can have up to X amount of points of magic items, it doesn’t say from where they can get them, or more so what items list they can use. The Tamurkhan magic items list for Chaos Dwarfs does state that that particular list can be used along with the common magic items list from the Warhammer rule book, but doesn’t reference in respect to what army (WoC w/CD or a pure CD only army). But this still doesn’t clear up that if Chaos Dwarf characters are valid character choices in a WoC armies, then do they have access to the WoC magic item list?

So Does this mean Chaos Dwarf characters can’t use the Tamurkhan list of magic items if taken as part of a WoC list, or does this mean that they can access WoC if part of a WoC army, and then only use the CD list when fielded as part of CD only army list? Or can they have access to both, and if so when?

I know it’s a lot of questions and circumstance, but I’m just wondering how everyone else out there interprets the wording.

Let me know and thanks…

Thommy H:

I’d tend to play it that everyone only has access to their own list of magic items but as far as I know there’s no real precedent elsewhere for anything like this. I don’t think it would be massively game-breaking to let Legion of Azgorh characters use Warriors of Chaos items so maybe just discuss it with your regular opponents.


Yeah, I agree, but once again you’re right on the fact that it’s not a real game changer if they do have access to the WoC list. Then again I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not as cunning and shrewd as some other players who will always find a way to put the screws to you with nasty combinations.

But me and my friends are a casual butch so we let it fly and Chaos Dwarfs have access to the WoC list.

Knight Of Awsome:

These may be used in conjunction with the Magic Items from the Warhammer rulebook
Page 197 top left

Doesn't sound like you can take magic items from the WoC list.


Knight Of Awsome
These may be used in conjunction with the Magic Items from the Warhammer rulebook
Page 197 top left

Yeah it appears that way, but once again that's only in reference to the Tamurkhan list, it doesn't specifically say anything about the list in reference to combined forces under WoC as seen on page 188. It just says the a CD army can also use the common list in the Warhammer rule book.

But if you approach it as CD being a valid character choice for WoC, then where do their magic items come from? Because they are now a WoC character that happens to be in another book. They're still a WoC model and are subject to all the rules as being characters either heroes or lords from the WoC list. So could you then argue that they have access to their magic items list?

WoC models taking CD items seems to be a stretch, but no so much the other way around when CD are a supplement to WoC armies.

Interesting though...


Whilst having access to some of the WoC magic items would be great, I’m of the opinion we cannot or at least should not be taking them.


Common sense would seem to dictate that a Chaos Dwarf character would not take WoC magic items. I say this for a number of reasons:

1 - The book does not specifically state that you can and, considering how many times it repeats the various rules throughout the book, you would have expected it to have made this clear if it was allowed.

2 - Although Chaos Dwarfs are responsible for producing a lot of arms and armour for WoC (magic and mundane) it states that they will join with a WoC army in order to test out their war machines. As such, it seems unlikely that they would choose to use a weapon which they are willing to sell to the WoC (everyone knows they save the best toys for themselves.)

3 - The character entry for Chaos Dwarf characters is in Tamurkhan, which states that Chaos Dwarf characters may use the magic items included in Tamurkhan in conjunction with those in the Warhammer rulebook. If it was intended that they have access to the WoC list also, this would have been expressed here. When using the characters in another list, they do not pick up any ‘army specific’ rules such as ‘Eye of the gods’ and so should not have army specific magic items either.

Just my two-penneth.