[Archive] Chaos Dwarves vs Orcs


LoA 2500 points
Sor Prophet Lvl4 + Ench Shield + Earthing + Talis Preserv
- 27 x Infernal Guard + + Blunderbuss + FC
Infernal Castellan + Dragonhelm
- 26 IG + FC
Daemonsmith Sorcerer
Hobgoblin Khan
Hobgoblin Khan
10x IG + Fireglaives + Musician
10x IG + Fireglaives + Musician
Magma Cannon
Magma Cannon

Orc and Goblin 2500    
Shaman Lvl4
- 25 x Savage Orcs
Blck Orc Warboss - Talis Pres + Sword AntiH + GlitterScales
- N Gob Shaman Lvl2
- Gob Big Boss + Spider Banner
- 77 Night Gobbos + Netters + Fanatics + Short Bows
N Gob Shaman Lvl2
Orc Big Boss + Dragonhelm + Shield + Warbanner + Boar
- 8x Trolls
2x Mangler Squigs
2x Gob Chariots
Orc Boar Chariot
Rock Lobber
Doom Diver
Doom Diver

This was a Chaos Dwarf Victory and it appeared to be an easy one at that by the end of the game.

- Shooting and positioning saw to the mangler squigs
- Trolls took out one of the Fireglaives before Ash Storm + 2x Magma Cannons took them out
- Infernal Castellan + IG Regiment took on and defeated the Savage Orcs for about 6 losses
- Other Fireglaive unit took on charges from both Goblin and Orc Chariots and destroyed both units for 1 loss
- Sorcerer Prophet + IG Blunderbusses took on Night Gob Unit and general and finally defeated them with the help of the Hellcannon charging in (although this was just overkill). Gamje at this time finished and this unit had suffered approximately 7 losses
- 1 Hobgob Khan killed the sole Night Gob Shaman and then went onto attack the Rock Lobber crew



There was really not much I was worried about. After starting to make my 3+ or 4+ saves with a 6+ shield after deflecting most hits from the T4, I was pretty much frustrating any of the opponents ability to come to grips with the units.

Where there was laughter before the game at my number of drops, the end of the game showed that this army is tough as nails.

Can’t wait to try some other lineups such as Bull Centaurs and Hob Gob units.

The CD Tactics and Advice discussions have been invaluable! Thank you everyone who participates in these as they help players like me finally win some games  :)


An interesting list, good to see small units of fireglaives working well. And seems like the Khans did you well too.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I like the list. I may have to copy that!

Grimbold Blackhammer



When I have some more models assembled (at this rate of free time, christmas holidays) we’ll have to try some blue on blue action, froggy


The small fireglaive units are something i hadnt considered (nor have the models for) i have those sorts of points tied up in bull centaurs, how did they do on the stand and shoot of did they mainly grind the opponents in h2h


4 units of dudes and 2 of them are tiny. If they work they work, but to me a chaos dwarf brick of less than 10 is misspent points. Glad it works for yah. I would suggest trying out a skullcracker with some of those dwarf warrior fire glavie points. I understand why you didnt run a Kadii, but he would not be overly missed. Either way slick grats on the wins. Think about mixing it up some time.



The small units of Fireglaives were a worry actually when I was using them.

5+ to hit at long range and usually 6+ when recieving the charges from the Chariots. Thier worth was the ST5 hit and 4+ Save in CC. I did also get lucky at a time hitting  6 times with 9 IG shooting (5+ needed) and blowing a chariot away. Apart from the bonus strength, I probably would have preferred the Blunderbusses but it is hard to say as they both have good and bad.

Geist: I may try a Skullcracker in one of the upcoming games. At this point I am trying to use each unit in the list to give me a sample of how each plays on the table. In each case however I am trying to be competitive. Seeing the Orc list was the guys tournament list, I was happy with the result. :cheers

fattdex: Oh man I know what you mean about the minis! I am basing all my army as Big hats and they are EXPENSIVE! I have quite a few CD however in some cases (Fireglaive units especially) I am having to use a few ‘counts as’ minis to help me try out the units. I am using Skeletons as standins to help bulk out units till I decide what to buy next. If you do not mind that, then we should be able to hook something up sooner rather than later.  

Grimbold Blackhammer: Thanks for the kind words. I just read the Tactics and Advice section and went with the ideas that many of these players advised. Probably one of the best sections of this site for players that just want to get to grips with the CD. They are a force that can stand up to a game by themselves even if the General (player) is a little inexperienced. It does help to learn the force when you are not wonedring why your whole army disolved to the one unit the opponent threw at you. I daresay I will have trouble finding opponents in the future as the Ogre player in our group (for a start) is hiding his minis from me. My Magma Cannons want a dance dammit! :slight_smile:


All good! The majority of mine are from scibor whenever some good maelstrom sales come up with some fw and conversions thrown in… I still have to convert ~100 something hobgoblins from skaven… Urgh