[Archive] Chaos Marauders (game) is back?


I saw it in my local store, probably the one I go to least (I have a few in the area). They had “Chaos Marauders” which I thought was on older game, but the packaging style looked newer. I was debating between that and “Chaos in the Old World” or whatever it is called. Marauders is cheaper, but Chaos In the Old World interests me more.


yes I’ve seen that in WD now that you mention it. It features Orcs and not as you’d expect Chaos Marauders…

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I have Chaos In the Old World board game in my store for sale, but I haven’t heard of the other one. ThanX for keeping me in the loop!


chaos marauders features orcs as it’s a re-release of an old game.

you can get it here:

Chaos Marauders


It came out last summer or thereabouts.


FFG have the license to make new/revised board games with GW properties.

Chaos Marauders is mostly a straight re-make, Talisman is a new edition that’s true to the classic first edition, while Horus Heresy keeps the theme and map dispositions of the original and throws the rest out.


An Talisman goes all misty eyed I still have copies of all those expansions and the game in my loft goes off to the loft


As tempted as I am by Chaos in the Old World, it’s also pricier. So I haven’t bought either yet.

Would Chaos Marauders be easier to get random people into playing?

while Horus Heresy keeps the theme and map dispositions of the original and throws the rest out.

Is that a good thing? Playing the heresy might be fun.


Thorne- indeed Talisman is indeed an awesome board game. In fact it’s perhaps ny favorite fantasy themed game.


I have the 90s version of Talisman. I was saving up for the dragon tower expansion and it suddenly vanished from the stores. I planned to use the dragon model in my Warhammer armies, and the endgame was always a bit “oh, I’ve just won” so any improvement to that would have been good.


I have never played Talisman or Chaos Marauders. What’s the style of play behind these two games?


Talisman is a board game with dice. You land on squares, pick a card, respond to whatever is on the card. Usually fighting something with a single dice roll to beat a number. Only a few stats to keep track of, using small numbers, and they are very straight forward. easy for a non-gamer to play.