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Knight Of Awsome:

Hey guys, im back!

I just purchased the necessary components from forge world to make a chaos renegade are, a new army to get back into the hobby. i was wondering in you guys had any ideas, no matter how twisted they are. There is going to be a ton of converting, casting and sculpting involved.

To give you guys a better perspective of the exact models that I’m geting…




Everything else will be converted, fit for the "The siege of Vraks"

I’m going to be sculpting and casting the legs, and little extra bits for the tanks any other ideas would be awesome :smiley:

Just wondering, what experience have you had with forgeworld shipping,do they send you an email when they send it out?


Well, first off you are crazy ambitious, so I offer my luck to you!

Secondly, FW shipping sucks majorly. They do not give you confirmation of shipping or even of purchase, at least if you are outside of UK. At least, I did not, within the last two years of ordering. However, I have always gotten stuff… if after a lot of finagling. They shipped one order after about 2-3 months of waiting, and then a month later, sent it to me again - which was GOOD, but still… lots of waiting. The last order I placed was apparently shipped immediately, but I never got it… And after a few months of waiting, I asked and they shipped out a replacement that I got in 2 days flat!!! But was missing one item… which arrived the next day as it was backordered…

This is only my story though, your mileage will hopefully vary from mine. Larger orders seem to get better treatment. My Chaos Titan (still not built) arrived in short order with Canadian customs taking up most of the shipping time.


  • Well many from my homecontry (Denmark) is saying that FW is a great company, and keep up a good shipping for a 2weeks waiting - I don’t know, I still havn’t placed an order yet. sence my studies are taking alot of my time…

    - Well back to your question about what to make with them:

    if your are making them as the army that is repecented in one of FW’s book, then look for information in it - to get some insperation.

    - I myself, is still trying to get one done - and is base on a mix of chaos and Empirial Guard.

    As a kind of Traitor Guard of the Empire of mankind, workshipping Demonic icons or Chaotic icons not the one of the four chaos gods - but more the undivided.