[Archive] Chaos slayer- Revised, and almost final rules


After reading comments, Ive made the following rules:

Chaos Slayer- 90 PTS


5 4 3 4 4 2 7 3 10

Gear: Great weapon or dual hand weapons, light armour. May chose up to 50 pts from slayer, chaos dwarf, or common magical items.

Special rules:

One cup short of a keg: Chaos slayers are maddened, and are subject to frenzy.

Hates Dwarfs: Chaos slayers gain hatred against dwarfs.

Frenzied Charge: Chaos slayers charge D6+4.

A fighter, not a leader. Chaos slayers may not be the army general.


Demon Scars: The slayer causes fear. (+20PTS)

Talisman of hatred: The slayer gains hatred for all races, and is unbreakable. (+30 PTS)

Keen axe of Hashut: This axe is a great weapon, but gives +3 strength and the slayer will always strike first. (+30PTS)

Now that they are revised, any other comments?

Gar Shadowfame:

one comment, rule wise its OP, and flufwise, hmm where is the fluff? as i said to many authors before, its bad and discontinue your way of thinking.


If its OP, what do you think it should be?


I’m guessing this is not a special character with pointed options?

The axe of hashut, imo that should be more like 55-60pts.  You could separate ASF (20-25pts) and Great weapon +1S (=+3S 35-40pts).  ASF Great weapon +1S is just too good for 30pts.

Talisman of hatred I would say should be a little more, 35 maybe.  Though this and the fear thing would be better done as outside of the points allowance, like marks.

If he is hero level I think Initiative 5 would be enough, and if he cannot be the general he doesn’t need Ld10.  I would change those and possibly drop the points to 80.

The movement thing I don’t quite know how to judge for points.

The ‘gear’ you listed, is that all included in his price?


Possibly keep it as an ASF Great weapon, 45pts.

For a dwarf thane the combo you have would cost 69 points, but would be illegal (two master runes).

Gar Shadowfame:

If its OP, what do you think it should be?
shouldnt exist at all, what is the purpose of this thing? a scenario, campaing, special rules for some tourney, rules writing for sake of doing it is a creative use of ones time but not very fruitfull.
And even fluff has to be well thought about, fact that something sounds cool to one person doesnt mean it is, and it fits into a genre.


For SC’s more or less.



What fun would this hobby be without people inventing stuff now and then!?  It could get very dull following the prescriptive GW books to the letter and never daring to be inventive.

Especially for Chaos Dwarfs.

It’s why any decent warhammer forum has a rules development area :wink:


His stats don’t look like Dwarf stats (I’m assuming he is supposed to be a Dwarf?).

M3 and T5 are standard for Dwarf melee Heroes (I know RH CD Heroes have T4 but it is generally accepted as outdated), plus I7 is way too high. Also, I feel his WS should be higher, there is little point in a melee hero who can’t even hit things on 3s.

Is he actually a Slayer? If so, he should not be wearing armour, would be unbreakable and should count his Strength as equal to his target’s Toughness. I know its just the same as the Dwarf Slayers, but if you’re going to call him a Slayer then thats what is implied. 30pts for ASF and +3 Strength is way undercosted; ASF alone should be around 25-30, +3 Strength should be about 50-60pts.

Personally I don’t think the Slayer idea fits Chaos Dwarfs, they aren’t an empire in decline lamenting the loss of their glory days, and they are materialistic to the extent that casting aside one’s belongings and status in the name of honour would likely be considered ridiculous.


I agree with Baggronor, a Slayer doesn’t really fit in the background. If somebody commits a crime, they send him to the mines and that’s it… gone… forever. No recovered glory or something, just a slave :slight_smile:


Well, i assumed a CD ‘slayer’ would more or less be like a taskmaster.


Shouldn’t a Slayer CD go off in a berzerker rage against the enemy, maybe after drinking some concoction of the CD Sorcerers? I’m not sure if they would have the same, I failed and must die in battle as Dwarf Slayers.