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Hey! Ive decided to work on making a few more rules.

chaos slayer hero- 90pts


5 4 3 4 4 2 9 3 10

Gear: Great weapon or two hand weapons, light armour. May not have any other Armour, as it weighs him down. May chose up to 50 points from common and chaos dwarf items. (No Armour)

Special rules:

Two cups short of a keg- Chaos slayers are totally mad, and have seen the horrors of the old world. They are subject to stupidity and frenzy.

Hates dwarfs- Chaos slayers gain hatred against dwarfs.

Frenzied charge- A chaos slayer may charge up to 18", if not in a unit.

Comments? Thoughts?


I must say I like the idea here :cheers - my only real worry is the 18" charge. For me this seems too much for even the most psycho mortal to manage without a steed, and secondly it gives the Chaos Dwarves more mobility than I am used to thinking of.

Don’t get me wrong though, this could work, after all the combination of frenzy and stupidity means that although they have that sort of charge, getting them to go where you want is going to be damn near impossible. If it were me I might cap it down to 12" charge (still over double his movement and nearly a match for heavy cavalry charge range) but give him something else - such as the enemy must pass a leadership test using the units base leadership (not heroes) to choose any other action than “Hold Fast” as a charge reaction. That would mean that he can pin some units in place no matter what happens if that makes sense? I could imagine him slamming into an expensive unit of missile troops that would normally have just shot him down but had to stand there and wet themselves as the mad creature attacked them…

It might also be nice to get at the thinking here, what exactly would make a chaos dwarf become a slayer? Given how greedy they are would it be loss of wealth rather than anything else? And if so how to represent this somehow?

Sorry, random ramblings, but I love the idea of a chaos slayer - hope that was some food for thought and keep going sir, this is a lovely idea :idea


I think you could make his movement D6" to represent his chaotic nature, making his charge 2D6…

12" would be amazing for a dwarf, but it’s only 1" short of the 2D6-1 that dwarfs can pursue and still short of the hellcannon sprinters.

If he is a hero I would make him a loner, unless you plan on having chaos slayers in your army (though I prefer the berserkers name).

Hatred, Frenzy and Stupidity are quite a combination.

personally I would do Hatred and Frenzy, then if he loses his frenzy he has stupidity.  This shows that he cannot comprehend the concept of losing.

Gar Shadowfame:

I am not very found of rules developement of this kind.


i’m a bit worried about the initiate of 9.

seems a bit to quick, and surely his real power would be in a charge anyway?

i love the idea of a D6 move, but why would a crazed guy only move 1 inch on a move…

what about D3+3 or D6+3 charge??

or is that getting to complex?


I think normal charge rate would be good.

I would say cannot join units and maybe an ability that he can’t be targeted by missile fire unless he is the closest target.

Having him Doomseeker first round of combat would be fun.


I like the D6 charge/movement, but i might make it D6+4. I’m also considering removing his Stupidity. Ill write revised rules by 6:00 MTN time.