[Archive] Chaos Squat War Engine Ideas


Hi All

I have been a lurker on these forums and searching the different threads to help me out with ideas for an Epic 40K (Epic Armageddon) Squat Army list.

The various Chaos Dwarf lists here have provided some great resources and ideas. I just about have the whole list done ready for playtesting other than two War Engines.

I saw an idea on using the example of the ‘Golden Army’ soldiers as a guide for a Squat/Chaos Dwarf War Engine or Giant Golem. That is an awesome idea. I am looking at making a Walker vehicle (either 2 or 4 legs) and was even thinking of a giant Mechanical Taurus model (obviously in 6mm scale)

The other one I am looking for is some ‘tracked’ and awesome looking gun platform.

So I thought I would take this to the community that I think would have the history to best help me out - you all at chaos-dwarfs.com.

Have any of you come across miniatures and the like that you ever thought “that would make an awesome Chaos Squat vehicle”? If so, please post. It would be great to have Chaos Squats make a full army re-introduction to a gaming system that they merely had a ‘flower-girl’ role to start off with.

Thanks in advance :cheers


Well, I think there are not many minis in 6mm scale. If you can get some old epic orc stuff you can convert the walkers and tanks. There is also a game called “Dark Realm” in 6mm scale, they have walkers: http://www.battlefield-berlin.de/shop/index.php?list=WG1160

That’s all I know but I’m not very interessted in Sci-Fi anyways so there are probably people who can help you more than me :hat off