[Archive] Chaos Warriors of HASHUT! [humans]


I am building at least 1 unit of human Chaos Warriors of Hashut… They wield daemon-bound steel axes and daemon-bound CHAIN Axes (built by Dawi Zharr Arcane Engineers)… They will carry a massive standard.

These guys are not your usual Chaos Warrior models!

They were converted from OOP plastic CW legs + bitz from the new Chaos Knights box! (and I have some other bitz too, that I’m gonna use soon for arms, shoulderpads, and weapons).

They will eventually weild a massive bull-theme standard in the glory of Hashut!

Without their shields…

and with their shields…

What do you think?

They will possibly serve as Black Orcs in my CD army, or an allied contingent in friendly games… something like that…

They are part of my fluffy nomadic daemon-binding obsessed Cult of Hashut army.


The legs make them look like they have just left a visit to the proctologist. Other than that they look great.


Those are awesome. Although they need a little bit more to signify they worship Hashut IMO.


Good looking guys! :hat off

But for me they are looking so far like normal CW! There is no hint that they are loyal servants of Hashut.

Every guy need some special kind of symbol or so …

Nonetheless cool guys!



I understand what you are saying… but the reason he has a chain-axe is because of their relation to hashut and the chaos dwarfs… several more warriors shall have chain-axes as well.

I actually probably should make change all the shields to the newer chaos warrior shields (with just the chaos star on them), and scrape off the chaos star, and then greenstuff a symbol of hashut… or perhaps a bound daemon with the rune of hashut on it’s forehead on every shield.

The eventual paint job is going to help signify them as hashut worshippers (can’t describe it), and like I was saying, so will the standard.

But I could use some help with ideas with what else I could do to make them more “hashut worshippers”. I’d love to hear some ideas…

The legs don’t look so wonky when viewed from above on the tabletop! :slight_smile:


I understand what you mean and I see the difficulties in making the CW recognizable as Hashut followers!

I will think about it - in the moment I haven’t any good idea! :frowning:



You can give them black curly beards to emphasize a CD influence on their culture


I like the idea, and they would work well as Black Orc stand in’s I think. Perhaps one of the things you would do is see about sourcing some large round shields instead of the normal Chaos ones, after all the Chaos Dwarves early models used round shields? Then you can paint or greenstuff on some recognisable Hashut symbols?

And please don’t laugh, but instead of curly beards, what about curly metal loincloths to help hide the bandy legs? I’ll be looking forward to the next stages :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

The legs make them look like they have just left a visit to the proctologist. Other than that they look great.

And please don't laugh, but instead of curly beards, what about curly metal loincloths to help hide the bandy legs? I'll be looking forward to the next stages :)

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOLOL how could I not laugh lolol

Kera foehunter:

I love how you made the old warrior into the new Kick ass warrior che


They look pretty cool but why would warriors of chaos worship Hashut?


Why wouldn’t they? Chaos armour is provided by Chaos Dwarves, and it’s only natural that humans are going to slowly become worshippers of a Chaos god like Hashut who is swelling with more and more power with every sacrifice made in his name!

A god of bull’s fury, dark sorcerory, and daemonic industry is going to be attractive to anyone seeking dark glory!

BTW, the pics make the legs look goofy… they don’t look goofy at all in person & on the table. They just look like they are marching forward…

Basically I am more interest in what you guys think of the new style of Warriors without capes and monopose!

Border Reiver:

I like the more dynamic poses these guys have in compairsion to the monopose new CWs. I do think that they need some better indications that they are followers of Hashut - the symbol on their shields, perhaps a curly beard and or a bullhead or lammasu on the standard pole.


They look pretty cool, but I agree with Zanko, they just look like alternative Chaos Warriors. I mean, when you paint them in the colours of your CDs, they will probably look more like worshippers of Hashut, but you can also add some symbols of theire beloved god. The beard idea is also very good andit doesn’t take a lot of converting time. Beards are allways cool and CDs are barbarians anyways… they should have beards :slight_smile:


I think really short curly beards (like a few mm) would help.

They could do with some hammers as well. I’ve made some quickly out of two bits of sprue stuck back to back.

The only other thing I can think of is that these guys would probably be quite rich (by Chaos warrior standards), so painting lots of parts gold may help?

Unusually for me I’m stuck for anything else to add.


Imo the idea with the short curly beards is really good and propably the CW should have uniform coat of arms on their shields!

And of course a Hasuht like painting will be essential!

With this small modifications the guys might look very cool and “Hashut like”! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Beside the CD looking aspect your CW looks much better than the current GW ones! :hat off

I’m still a great fan of the 3rd Edition CWs! These minis were amazing and there were so much different models … still some of the best GW minis ever!


Kera foehunter:

yea short beards would be cool

all cool male being have beards !!


I’d say you could make them blend in with your fellow Dawi Zharr with your paint job… I don’t see any reason every piece should have a curly beard. If Lizardmen wanted to worship Hashut for some reason I don’t think they’d glue fake beards on… they’d just apply tattoos or something… Same with Orcs and goblins… I think to blend them in with an already existing army… as humans would not wander around worshipping Hashut on their own, they’d adopt whatever color scheme their local Dawi Zharr are using and run with them… The Dawi Zharr would accept them as worthless slaves and use them until they perished… no harm done!