[Archive] Chaos warshrine question


You can use the warshrine to allow a unit within 12" to roll on the Eye of the Gods table and benefit from whatever result you roll. As each warshrine can only affect one unit at once, in your next turn if you want to boost a different unit or try for a better result, the first unit loses, its bonus.

However result 2 on the Eye of the Gods table (stupidty) specifically says that it lasts for the rest of the game. Is this an exception to the rule that says the warshrine can only bestow one effect at once?

It seems like it should be but I wanted some other opinions.


Thommy H:

I think it replaces it too - the “rest of the game” bit is just GW being a bit superfluous, since all the effects are supposed to be “permanent” in that sense. It’s the sort of thing they tend to do: “all models can re-roll their attacks in close combat” for example (what other kind of attack is there?).


Ah - I didn’t spot that bit in the text at the top too. Thanks Thommy.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would say that you remove the stupidity because the warshrine stops bestowing the affect. think of it as conflicting futures in the mind of Tzeentchians stopping or an overload of the sense for Slaaneshites etc etc. I think, RAW, I could be proved wrong, but I would say that it doesn’t last all game.