[Archive] Chaosftw's Chaos Space Marines


Howdy Folks!

I am still working on a list for the Dwarfs so I have no work done on them. But for the past 5 years I have played 40k. So I am currently working on yet another variation of what is a Chaos Space Marine Army.

Its still being worked on but I hope you like what I have thus far!

Progress Legend:

Green = Done

Blue = Being Painted

Red = Assembly/Green Stuff


HQ #1 - X

HQ #2 - X

Elite Squad - XXXXX

Troop Squad #1 - XXXXXXX

Troop Squad #2 - XXXXXXX

Fast Bike Squad - XXXXX

Heavy Oblits Squad #1 - XX

Heavy Oblits Squad #2 -XX

Rhino’s #1, #2, #3 - XXX

HQ #1:

HQ #2:


Finished Test Model:

Work on Oblits:

Lost more to come!





looking great, loving the goof use of the tyrand bitz.


Hehe… SO really quick but most recent pictures.

HQ #1:

HQ #2:

Troops (Build up from left to right):

Here are My Chosen (The Worminators):

Lastly my Bikes:

Now to go keep working on my Chaos Dwarf list lol…



wow… very nice stuff, the second hq is amazing…


I love the use of the big 'nid as the basis for the DP. The fuel tank on the back of the flamer biker is awesomely chaotic too (not to mention reckless!) If I had one tip with the greenstuff it would be to keep your kingers oiled or use some vasceline to avoid leaving prints. Keep up the good work :cheers