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hey guys. i didnt know where abuts to start this thread so i thought here would be the safest option.

this may be a simple question and i simple for asking haha. but does anyone know where i can find a chariot base for sale. obviously if i have to buy more than one in a set then fine but i am not entirely sure where to look for them. need one for a halfling hotpot diarama base you see.

any help would be fantastic

thanks in advance :cheers :hat off

Hashut’s Blessing:

I believe that GW sells them. If they don’t now, they used to. Otherwise, buy a pack of movement trays (the ones that have large and small, not the modular ones) and use the smaller size. In fact, you could buy the modular ones and cut it to the right size and shape.

If you have more difficulty, let me know how much you’re willing to pay for a small movement tray and we’ll make a deal for me to send one over…


thats a great idea. thanks HB :cheers

will get back to you and let you know. all depends if my local hobby store sell them. bangor doesnt have a gw but its definatly worth a try. if not i shall let you know. but thanks again :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not a problem :wink:

They may not have the large and small packs of bases, but they have textured ones (no good for this) and WILL have modular movement trays. The advantage being that you can use the rest as… MOVEMENT TRAYS! lol :stuck_out_tongue: