[Archive] Chaso Dwarf Podcast



Is the podcast still being done?

I quite enjoyed the latest one (what an improvement over the one previous to it!) and am looking forward to listening to another.

Any information would be much appreciated!



It’s in the works.  Hashut’s Blessing and Uzkul Werit are working on it but I don’t know if there’s a proposed date yet.  There should be lots of 8th Ed. talk!!

We almost need these monthly or even bi-weekly!! Especially now that 8th ed. is out we’ve got lots to talk about in terms of strategy, etc.


P.S. while I second the “suggestion” that we’re well over-due for our podcast fix there’s probably a better section of the forums for this.

Can one of the admins move this to the Chaos Dwarf Discussion or some other locale?

Hashut’s Blessing:

As has been said, I am trying to get these out after each competition is released as life is busy. Unfortunately, I was having to figure out if I was moving house or not and have becom quite busy of late with rehearsals for a most innovative steampunk film :wink:

Regardless, I’m hoping to have this out for by Monday.

As to having it more often, I’ve still not got a hold of the 8th edition book, so if there are volunteers, we can have a series of special “Starting 8th edition” episodes, in which people come on and tell me the new stuff to discuss in 8th edition and I quiz them and we start a debate etc…

Volunteers are weclomed :wink: