[Archive] CheTralfara's 1st Army List (2250 points)


This is my first army list. It fields pretty much ALL the models I have in my Chaos Dwarf army (many are still under construction tho). I am completely open for suggestions and would love to hear them. I haven’t picked out magic items yet, sorry!

TOTAL: 2,012 points (238 points left for magic items)


1 Chaos Dwarf Lord
mount: great taurus
equipment: heavy armour & great weapon


1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer
equipment: hand weapon & level 2 upgrade


20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
equipment: hand weapon, heavy armour & shield
+ full command

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
equipment: hand weapon & heavy armour
+ blunderbusses

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors
equipment: great axe & heavy armour
+ full command

20 Hobgoblins
equipment: hand weapon

20 Hobgoblins
equipment: hand weapon, light armour & shields

10 Hobgoblin Wolfboyz
equipment: light armour & bows


20 Sneaky Gits
equipment: 2 poisoned hand weapons

20 Goblins
equipment: light armour & short bows

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

1 Death Rocket (I know what you’re thinking but I wanna give it a try!)


10 Bull Centaurs
equipment: great axe & heavy armour
+ musician
+ standard bearer

1 Earth Shaker


Maybe beef up you chaos dwarf units to 25 and invest in more magic defense (another Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer with some dispel scrolls).

An Army Standard Bearer would be a good investment for protecting against your chaos dwarfs units from breaking.

A chaos dwarf hero with Armour of Gazrakh, double-handed weapon and Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel is a nice combo that gives the hero 3 strength 7 attacks with a 1+ armor save (great against chariots).

Border Reiver:

I agree with having more magic defence - if you are only going to have one wizard, then don’t give him a second level, but do give him 2 dispel scrolls - the second level won’t help you countering enemy spells, and 4 dice aren’t likely to get through at 2K against most armies.

Break up the naked hobgoblin unit into 2 units of 10 and use them either as meat shields, deflectors or bait. The hobgoblins with LA and shields definitely have the potential to be a good tarpit, but to ensure they fill that role, thye need a BSB nearby.

To be frank, Bull Centaurs are not linebreakers - they lack the durabiltiy to take it on the chin, and more than a rank is unnecessary, so I’d go with a unit of 5 set up to support your CD warriors - they’ll need a musician, and maybe a champion - a banner is superflous as they should be able to use the banner of CDs for CR.

Give the DR a try and I hope the slave in “quality control” for your rockets are better than the ones in mine…

As for Sneaky gits - while I used to use them as a large block, I now use them in small groups of 10. Their lack of armour doesn’t help and without Command (at least standard and musician) They will run if your general isn’t close by to steady them.

Speaking of generals, the ability to have a lord on a monster out raising havoc while a ld 10 hero is back directing the fight is invaluable and you should consider it as an option.


These are all extremely helpful tips, and I am ever so grateful because I am still in early enough modelling stages to use them all.

Would the sneaky gitz still need the command if they are in blocks of 10? or is that totally dependant on what role I use them for? I figured the Gitz would be the most combat heavy of the hobbos (despite lacking armour) because of their juicy dripping blades!

I should have also mentioned that I haven’t played warhammer since 4th edition, back when I had an undivided undead army… and even then I barely got any games in with them (I was so young, and it was so very herohammer)…

I was planning on leaving commands out of all my shooty units since they would be less likely to see combat… I also skimped on some things just so I could fit in ALL my models… but I will definitely be making the list more precise, since most of the models will just be used in larger games… I want my Chaos Dwarfs army to be somewhere around 3-4k anyway. So it can truly be an ARMY!


Border Reiver:

Smaller units (regardless of type) should not have command models (musicians may be an exception, except in the CD list where they are criminally expensive), as small units are quite vulnerable to being lost, destroyed etc. and standards for example would be worth more in VPs than the unit itself.

Generally, command models should only be added to units where they are required, or give a benefit to the unit’s capabilities. For instance, most missile units do not benefit from a champion model - as the upgrade costs as much as another trooper and ususally gives you only a +1 BS, or in some cases +1A (?!). Standards are rarely a good idea in missile untis as they are typically not good fighters and will often crumple quickly in cbt, giving your opponent the VPs for the standard. Blunderbusses (and Bret Peasants, but for different reasons) are a different story. Blunderbusses have a better than average WS and T and come with heavy armour making them extremely durable. In addition the special rules for blunderbusses make it quite likely that you will deploy in a dense formation like a dedicated CC unit - making it common to claim rank bonus in a fight. Given the slow movement of the CDs, I find it quite common for my blunderbussiers to end up in combat and I find it useful to give them every opportunity to win the fight.