[Archive] Chicago Games Day - Who's Going?


A few of my friends and I are looking to make this one. It’s only two hours away from my hometown… at most.

I am not sure if I’ll do armies on parade or not as it might be convenient to leave my armies at home as much fun as it be to squeeze in a game with some of you! (Though I may still bring one.)

Just thinking a nice roster of CDO members going might make for a fun meet and greet.


If members of the site do go make sure photos are taken!


I’ll be sure to get pics and write something up if I make it. Perhaps an article for WoH 6?

Well if I go I will be bringing

Skittles (AKA Emperor Cheney) from Rites of War

Frozen Dark Elf from Rites of War

and possibly

P-Vegas Lone Angels from Rites of War

Kera foehunter:

well im not going to be able to make !!


Wish we had GDs in the Southern hemisphere.

Kera foehunter:

well come on over Wallacer they always need another GANGSTA in Chicago