[Archive] Children of Father Pox


Hello kids,

Once upon a time, there was this not-so-lovely mutated pile of corrupted flesh, called Father Pox. Father Pox was blessed by the all-powerful God of Mutated Piles of Corrupted Flesh, aka Nurgle. One day, Father Pox started breeding children (not in the same way as humans, thankfully - they just sort of grow out of his toxious slime), and they lived happily ever after.

So, what I’ll show you today are some models of my growing Nurgle Army, starting with Father Pox himself (WIP terrain piece):


Some Spawn I made aaaages ago, but I don’t think they’re that bad:


And a big Mutant thing which will, for now, pass as a Troll:


Comments anyone?:slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

You never explained the coolness of the background nor what it was to me :smiley: Looks awesome. I especially like the way it looks like the mark of Chaos was carved into its flesh :smiley: Brilliant paining with that bit. Are you going to convert some plaguebearers/your trolls/nurglings/other things “being born” from it? What about a discernible “head” type part?

As for the spawn, I faintly recall you showing them to me. Liking the little rat that looks as though it’s about to be eaten. What’s the head on the left one?

Cool! When you said about the troll before, I thought you’d used a base model. Will those be intestines or cr*p on the floor behind it? Good use of the fly head. Hope you’ve got enough left over spawn pieces for some more to make a unit of them!


Thanks HB,

I might convert stuff ‘erupting’ from the Father later, but that can wait till I actually have an army, eh?

The head on the left Spawn is just a skull from the (soon-to-be-old) Skellie sprue:)

I’ll buy a troll model soon, just to use one of those cool official models (although converted with two heads, of course), but yeah, this one’s green stuff over a marble (to save me some GS), mounted on rat ogre legs:) And yeah, he is taking a poo:P

Thanks again


Like the Halloween-VC, a long time had passed since I updated stuff… But here’s some new stuff anywayz!

Painted Troll (or whatever I’m gonna use it as)

Said Troll (or whatever)'s diarrhea


Not quite sure if I posted pics of the last model before (as I made it aaages ago), but here it is anywayz.

As always, I’d appreciate comments


Hashut’s Blessing:

Liking the painting on the “troll”. It could be used as a chaos troll, a chaos ogre, a ruleswise normal ogre, a minotaur substitute, yet another spawn, the mount for a character or something. Maybe the character itself :smiley: Don;t know if you posted Whazzup before, but he still rocks :wink: Don;t forget to bring him next time!


The troll is definately gruesome, perhaps use it as a beast of nurgle?


Thanks for the comments:cheers

And update time!

Here’s a WIP Daemon Herald/Chaos Champion I made today:

Doesn’t he look dead sexy?

I worked a bit more on him after taking the pic, and am much happier with him now… anyways, comments anyone?:slight_smile:

Grongi Blackbeard:

pure sex ^^

Kera foehunter:

looks just like fat Bastard!!! If fat bastard had any guts hahaha

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking awesome. I’m liking the split gut peeled back effect and the sculpting of it. I hope you’ve filled the little indent on the model’s left arm. I’d suggest making the weapon a little bigger and perhaps longer. Looking awesome though. Post pictures of the new version when possinle!


Awesome, but there are mould lines on the bell. Just a heads up before you start painting


Cheers once more for the comments (and the heads up), and here’s the big ol’ slimebelly ready for painting (unless of course you lot have some cool crazy idea that could be added):



As alwayz, lemme know what you think of it:cheers


wow, Gooey, I like that ogre/mutnant/deamon/plaugething

very good GSing, and very…interesting (I was going to say overly disturbing and confusing to look at but I thnk that ones nicer:))

the head looks a bit too normal though, just a bit of consructive criticism

now paint it. PAINT IT!!!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think the model’s right arm needs a little extra bulking up, with sores, pus-y boils etc. On the back, there is a bit of greenstuff that stops abruptly. You need to smooth it INTO the model’s original shape. If you think the head is a little bland, add a tentacle from the top. Not a massive one, but it’d change it :wink:


Thanks for the comments peoplez, I’ll see if I can find a way to actually follow your advice:cheers

In the meantime, here’s a mutant thing I made this weekend:

Gimme a kissy!

Comments welcome as always!


wow, goopy, I like it, though it looks lees like a mutant and more liek a well, a deamon

Hashut’s Blessing:

Cool! I like the toothy maw! Spawn are technically mutants and it looks like a spawn :smiley:


Thanks Minty and HB,

Here’s the fat dude painted up:

What are YOU looking at?



maybe gibe him a wash of green ink, or green ink+ard coat to make him look more nurgleesque

Hashut’s Blessing:

A little 'ardcoat varnish on the guts and perhaps a little green ink on the metals. But, still looks good.